Queen Maeve is one of the few Supes who is not hated. She is the one who, at least, has a heart that knows how to love; she has emotions and can feel people’s pain. So, no one has ever thought that she would have to face such horrifying consequences in the show.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3 Episode 8

It was clear from the beginning that The Boys Season 3 final episode would have some significant characters killed. Fans were speculating that it was Homelander, but sadly, he didn’t die in the season finale. Instead, we saw Queen Maeve jump with Soldier Boy out of the Vought Tower so that thousands of lives could be saved. However, is she really dead?

Is Queen Maeve dead in The Boys Season 3 finale?

The final episode of the third season of The Boys showed Butcher and Queen Maeve team up with Soldier Boy to kill Homelander. There, we also saw Maeve giving a challenging ride to Homelander, where one of her eyes gets mutilated, but still, she doesn’t give up and keeps on fighting. On the other side, we saw Hughie, MM, Frenchie, Kimiko, and Starlight trying hard to bring Soldier Boy down. In fact, Butcher fights Soldier Boy using his powers as the latter attacks Ryan (Homelander and Becca’s son).

Later, when Maeve realizes that Soldier Boy’s nuclear blast will destroy the entire Vought Tower, she decides to jump off with him. After the incident, while the entire city mourns her death, fans cry out of joy when she is shown alive at Elena’s residence, where Starlight visits her. The episode concluded by showing Ashley deleting the video where Maeve’s survival had been recorded. It seems Ashley also didn’t want Homelander to know anything about Maeve.

How did Queen Maeve survive Soldier Boy’s Nuclear Blast?

Queen Maeve is someone who has the ability to knock Homelander. So, it might be her strength that helped her survive the nuclear blast. However, she did lose her powers to the blast. Previously, we saw Kimiko going through the same, but she regained her powers as Frenchie injected Compound V into her body. There are chances that Queen Maeve gains her powers back the same way in the fourth season.

However, it’s hard to say if Maeve would want her previous life back. For now, we learn in the final episode that Maeve wants to spend a peaceful life with her love. So, to know more about what Maeve’s story has to offer, we have to wait until the premiere of The Boys Season 4.

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