Episode 5 of Ms. Marvel takes us to the village of Kamala’s great grandfather, portrayed by the famous Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Ms. Marvel Episode 5

We see Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha happily living with her husband Hasan (Fawad Khan), and their daughter Sana. Their story takes a drastic turn when one night, she is visited by Najma. She asks Aisha to use the bangle to open the Veil so they can return to the Noor dimension.

After the meeting, Aisha understood that her family was not safe. So, she decides to leave the village. However, the reason behind her decision was not only Najma, as she also wanted to protect her family from the riots that were happening in the countryside during India’s partition.

While Aisha confronts Najma, Sana gets lost amidst the crowd, but luckily she makes her way to her father. We also saw Kamala reaching up to Aisha, who gave her a photograph of her family. Hence, Episode 5 allows Kamala to learn about what happened to her great-grandmother.

Is Najma dead in Ms. Marvel Episode 5?

When Kamala gets teleported to the present, she witnesses the opening of the Veil. Seeing this, one of the Clandestine tells Najma that now they can go back to their home. However, when she stands in front of the Veil, her body gets destroyed, and she dies on the spot. The teenage superhero tries to close the Veil using her superpowers, but she fails.

Meanwhile, Kareem tries to protect the civilians from getting injured. Later, Najma decides to close the Veil; however, Kamala tries to stop her by saying that Kamran needs his mother and that she shouldn’t take his family away from him. Najma wants to return to her son, but she knows the Veil could destroy everything.

Eventually, Najma decides to sacrifice her life to close the Veil, and she sends her energies to Kamran instead. So, YES! Najma did die in the latest episode of Ms. Marvel.

Kamala’s mother and grandmother came to the location searching for Kamala. There, Muneeba accepts the fact that her daughter is a superhero. Later, back in New York, Kamran visits Bruno and asks for his help as he can’t figure out where to go as his mother has left him behind. The episode concluded by showing drones outside Bruno’s apartment, and we also saw a glimpse of Kamran’s new superpowers.

It’s safe to assume that Kamala and Kamran’s superpowers are similar, as the origin of their powers is. While Kamala accesses the Veil’s energy through the bangle, Kamran gets these powers after his mother’s energy is passed onto him.

Ms. Marvel’s final episode will make its way to Disney Plus next week. So, we may see that if Kamran uses his powers for good, or he will be evil just like his mother.

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