A brand new month kicks off today and with it, the Season of GO in Pokemon GO but does June 2022 bring brand new Ditto disguises?

The new season is set to kick off with the big one, this year’s Pokemon GO Fest, before rolling into the Adventure week event.

GO Fest, a yearly ticketed event, is the pinnacle of Pokemon GO, allowing players to catch Pokemon they wouldn’t normally encounter, as well as Pokemon with vastly improved shiny odds.

A couple of years back, players were treated with research that afforded them to have an opportunity to catch a shiny Ditto, a Pokemon that is still in the game.

Sadly, Ditto can be a nightmare to encounter, so here, we have a list of all of the Pokemon Ditto can be disguised as in Pokemon GO for June 2022 and the Season of GO.

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series | Part 3 Trailer | Netflix

Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series | Part 3 Trailer | Netflix

All Ditto Disguises for June 2022

Below, you’ll find a list of all eight Pokemon that can transform into ditto upon capture. They are:

These Pokemon are relatively common within the game, and even more so when the correct weather is available. While there’s no hard and fast way to guarantee yourself the Pokemon, catching multiple of the above will give you your best shot at encountering the gelatinous pink blob.

If you’re wondering what weather is best for each Pokemon, we have you covered.

Ekans will appear more when it’s cloudy, Gastly when it’s cloudy or foggy, Natu when it’s windy, Surskit and Finneon when it’s rainy, Dwebble when it’s partly cloudy or rainy, Swirlix when it’s cloudy and Lillipup when it’s partly cloudy.

Best of luck on your Ditto hunt trainers!

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