Sometimes the dark destiny of the side characters is much more painful than that of the main characters. One such character is Tatta, who meets his dark fate during the King of Clubs game in Alice in Borderland S2. However, fans still can’t believe that Tatta won’t be appearing in further episodes of the series, so they wonder if he is really dead.

Warning- Spoilers from Alice in Borderland S2

King of Clubs was the second thing that disturbed the fans worldwide, the first one being the King of Spades’ attack that almost killed Arisu and his friends. However, surviving the King of Spades’ game, for the time being, Arisu, Usagi, Tatta, and Kuina arrive at the King of Clubs game’s designated venue, the harbor.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is Tatta dead in Alice in Borderland Season 2?

Sadly, Tatta dies in Alice in Borderland S2. When the King of Clubs’ game begins, every team member gets a pivotal role, but Tatta is given the responsibility to guard the base, which despite being a big responsibility, asks for the least effort. Niragi calls him useless, and he once again feels the pain of being called that way, so he gets depressed.

Tatta gets in a challenging situation when all the four invincible members from the opponent team show up at the base altogether, knowing that Tatta won’t be able to stop four of them at a time. That’s what happened, as Tatta could only stop Shitara while the rest of the team earned 10,000 scores each by touching the base. Tatta starts blaming himself for letting his team down.

Later, Arisu hears Tatta screaming in pain, and when he reaches the spot, he finds his friend trying to injure his arm with the door of a container over and over. He tries to stop him, but Tatta isn’t ready to give up, so he asks Arisu to help him remove the bracelet and keep it with him during his meeting with Kyuma. Arisu hesitates to do that, but Tatta says that he couldn’t help anyone throughout his life, so now he wants to help his team win the game. After a heartfelt conversation, Arisu does as Tatta asks.

After Arisu leaves, Tatta keeps on bleeding even though he bandages his mutilated arm, due to which he gets weaker. When Arisu returns, Tatta dies in his arms and is buried at the seaside by his friends.

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