Queen of Spades came into the picture in the game Checkmate, and here we discuss Chihiro Yamamoto, the actress who played the role in Alice in Borderland S2. Besides that, we also discuss everything you must know about Queen of Spades.

Warning: Spoilers from Alice in Borderland S2

Usagi meets a kid named Kota, who lost both his parents. He gets stuck in the borderlands, and he has got a Visa that’s about to expire. Participating in a game was the only way to extend the validity period of the Visa. So, Usagi decides to help him in the Game of Spades. That’s when she meets Lisa, the Queen of Spades.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Queen of Spades from Alice in Borderland?

Queen of Spades, also known as Lisa, is a potent fighter, as teased in the Netflix series. She is the inventor of the game Checkmate. When Usagi and the young boy Kota, along with all the players, reach the Queen of Spades Venue, she appears on the big screen. She reveals that the game would be played between two teams, and both teams must have a king. For her own team, she decided to be the King herself but unfortunately for the challengers’ team, she chose Kota as the King.

Later, she showcased her fighting skills whenever the opposing team tried to bring her team members down. Besides that, she believes Arisu to be her type, so she tries everything to bring him to her team, but every time Usagi comes in between. In the end, she gets defeated by Usagi and gets killed as per the rule of the game.

What is the game Checkmate about?

Checkmate is played between two teams: Queen Team and the Challengers Team. The game involves sixteen rounds, and each team gets a chance in the alternative rounds. Before the game begins, each player has to wear buttons assigned to them by the creator; the button’s color for Queen’s team is red, and for the Challengers team, it’s blue.

If round one says it’s the turn for Queen’s team, then all the team members have to chase the opponent team members. After that, the Queen’s team members have to press the buttons of the Challengers’ team members. Whenever the button of any team member is pressed, he will be stuck in a place for some time, and after that, his button will change its color to red. This way, he will be playing for Queen’s team from there, and the same happens when it’s the turn for the other team. In the end, the team with fewer members will lose the game, and they will die, including the King.

Who is Chihiro Yamamoto?

Chihiro Yamamoto is the one who played the role of Lisa, aka Queen of Spades, in Alice in Borderland Season 2. Her recognizable works include Ultraman Geed, in which she played the role of Laiha Toba. Besides that, she also appeared in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Kingdom 2: Far and Away, and more.

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