All the games in Alice in Borderland S1 and S2 has their own level of difficulty, but the game that was actually a nightmare to the players was King of Spades. In this article, we not only introduce you to the King of Spades, but you will also come to know every detail about the hardest game of the TV series.

Warning- Spoilers from Alice in Borderland S2 ahead

King of Spades made his entry in the first few moments of the first episode of the second season of Alice in Borderland. Even though we did not see the face of the person behind the mask, we learned that he is someone who is almost impossible to defeat without a solid strategy.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Alice in Borderland S2 King of Spades Explained

King of Spades is a person named Isao Shirabi, also known as Survival. He was a trained and competent mercenary before arriving in the borderlands, so he was good with every kind of weapon, and he was someone who never missed his targets. Isao suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after he loses his friend Apache to death. After losing his friend, he believes real peace can only be achieved after death. Hence, after he lands in the borderlands, he starts killing players only to free them from their hopeless life.

In the manga, Isao gets tricked and killed by Aguni and Dodo, but in the Netflix series, it is Arisu who makes a trap for him, and Aguni helps him execute the entire plan.

What is the King of Spades game about?

Unlike other death matches, King of Spades doesn’t have any particular game arena; he uses the entire Borderland as a battlefield. He starts shooting players randomly, and it’s tough to hide from him because he wears a positioning device that lets him know everything about his target. For instance, when Arisu, Aguni, and Akane were looking out for him in the forest at night, he clearly saw Arisu hiding with the device’s help.

Besides that, the game doesn’t require the players to register as they are required to do for the rest of the games. Players need to run if they encounter King of Spades somewhere because the mercenary starts shooting everyone who comes in his path. No precise rule is there for the game, but what players assume is that if someone succeeds in killing the king, that means it’s GAME CLEAR, but if the king kills all the players, the game gets over.

The king doesn’t follow any specific pattern; sometimes, he uses his blimp to track the players and attack from above. So, the players must check out the sky every now and then. However, he cannot harm the players who are already in any other game. That’s why the participants of the Queen game were ready to be on the Queen’s team and play the game forever.

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