The official preview for Dragon Ball Super chapter 86 has now been shared online, but what time will “Full-Power Battle” release worldwide?

Each and every month, fans of the classic Dragon Ball Super franchise countdown to the release of the latest manga chapter.

However, the series can often trend on social media several days before a new instalment actually launches domestically in Japan.

This is thanks to the leaked spoilers, which have just been shared online for Dragon Ball Super chapter 86 – here’s everything that avid fans need to know about the official preview, as well as the international release time.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Trailer

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Trailer

Where to read Dragon Ball Super chapter 86

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 86 will be made available to read for free online around the world via the Viz Media and Manga Plus platforms on Wednesday, July 20th.

The first and latest three chapters are available for free on both sites, with access to the entire library of published chapters requiring a subscription costing $1.99 a month.

As confirmed by Manga Plus, which can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play, Dragon Ball Super chapter 86 will launch on Wednesday, July 20th from the following international times:

Dragon Ball Super chapter 86 spoilers shared online

Spoiler warning: This section will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 86, so read on with discretion.

The official Dragon Ball website has shared a brief first look at the upcoming chapter 86 of the Super manga series, which opens with a short recap of last month’s instalment.

“In Chapter 85, Vegeta mocked Goku’s lack of progress with Ultra Instinct and then puts his life on the line to buy time for his fellow Saiyan to realize his own unique version of the godly technique! Goku’s new, emotionally-driven form of Ultra Instinct allows him to gain the upper hand against Gas, and it seems that Goku is on the brink of victory! At that moment, Elec jumps in and harshly reprimands Gas, causing the Heeter to steel his resolve, unleashing everything and changing into a new form!” – Dragon Ball Super chapter 86 sneak peek, via series website.

The official teaser then shares several draft pages with the caption, “With no more techniques up his sleeve, is Goku destined to lose to Gas?!”

Thankfully, the reputable DbsHype Twitter page has since shared the following spoiler breakdown for the next chapter, set to be titled “Full-Power Battle.”

Gas used telekinesis to strangle Goku as he tries to break his neck. Goku frees himself by teleporting behind Gas, but Gas turns around in an instant and punches Goku. Gas says that every cell in his body is burning like fuel and creates a whirlwind, trapping Goku, before using a Ki Beam that cuts through Goku’s body.

Elec is happy that Gas is fighting in this manner, whilst Maku acknowledges that it feels like cheating. Oil then adds how Gas looks to have aged, to which Elec responds how that doesn’t matter since his power has not diminished.

Gas is warned that he should be careful as the balance of power in his body is starting to become unstable…Suddenly, a Ki blast separates the two as Granolah arrives – Elec says that he will hire Granolah again if he kills Goku.

However, Granolah tells Goku that he heard the voice of Bardock in a dream and that he is here to help – he charges a massive Ki ball as Goku tells him to keep Gas busy for a short time. Gas tries to attack Granolah multiple times, but is blocked each time by Goku to the point that he loses consciousness.

Gas is exhausted but as he prepares to attack Granolah, Vegeta appears and attacks Gas with a devastating headbutt. Oil and Maki try to intervene, but Monaito appears and puts the pair in a hypnotic sleep.

Goku wakes up and blocks one last attack from Gas, throwing him out of the planet; however, Granolah is unable to land the find Ki blast as his eyes are still injured. Thankfully, Automil helps him target Gas with the Ki attack – who falls back to the planet unconscious.

The chapter ends with Gas on the ground, Granolah apologising to Goku and Vegeta, with Oil and Maki rushing to help the injured Gas.

Fans countdown to the premiere of Super Hero movie

Dragon Ball will soon be getting its 21st feature film for the franchise, titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The movie was originally scheduled to premiere domestically in Japan back in late-April; however, was eventually delayed until early-June because of the third-party hacking of Toei Animation’s internal systems.

The good news is that international fans are now entering their final countdown for the worldwide premiere of the entirely Computer Generated animation, which is set to debut from mid-August to late-September depending on where you are in the world.

Toei Animation has thankfully shared the following international release breakdown:

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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