Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 is close to its monthly release, and here, we have mentioned everything we know about the anticipated chapter.

The popular manga Dragon Ball Super does not follow a weekly release schedule; that’s why the chapters of it have a next level of hype. Moreover, the upcoming chapter has already started trending on Twitter, thanks to the early spoilers by the reputed leaker, Hype.

Well, as the manga is getting its next chapter soon, let’s discuss when the upcoming installment is released and what the spoilers indicate.

When does Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 release?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 will officially release on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, in Japan at 12:00 AM. In that case, the majority of International readers can enjoy the chapter on Monday, February 20, 2023, on Viz Media and Manga Plus. You can follow the below schedule to track the much-awaited chapter of Dragon Ball Super:

The leaked spoilers of the 90th Chapter of DBS explained

In South City, Krillin looks for three people, so he shows their photograph to a random person and asks him if he has seen them anywhere. The man says that he has seen them in a nearby convenience store from where a woman comes out screaming. After that, a zombie android comes out of the store, and he handover a bag to the woman that she has forgotten in the store. The Zombie-android then bows down to pick up his eye that has fallen on the ground.

Krillin witnesses the three androids stealing things from the store. He then says that he is a cop and he needs information about their boss. At the same time, Krillin comes across Mai, who is also present in the same store. Seeing Krillin getting into a conversation with Mai, the androids try to run, but Krillin points his gun toward them.

The scene then cuts to Pouzu Mountain, where Goten plays video games and flies a Kintoun. He flies the Kintoun until he gets into a bus. Goten does not want his classmates to know how far his home is from the school. Whenever his classmates ask him why they do not see him in their neighborhood, he says he does not come out of his house much.

Fayra asks Goten how he and Trunks are friends as they are from different years. To this, Goten replies that his and Trunks’ parents are friends. Fayra then asks him to convince Trunks to call her for a dance party next week. But Goten is unsure how he will talk to Trunks as he wants to invite Mai. Chok interrupts by saying that Trunks is popular, so he might already have a date.

Before Goten could disagree with it, the bus stops, and android steps in. The android knew that Goten was Super SaiyaMan, so it wanted to fight him. Chok says that this is not the first time something like this has happened, and Goten doesn’t have any clue why it keeps happening often.

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