Dragon Ball Super manga has reached an exciting point, and after the spoilers of Chapter 87 started surfacing online, fans can’t hold on to their breath out of excitement.

Until now, every Dragon Ball fan thought that Gas was the most potent warrior out there, but that changed after they read the spoilers for the latest chapter. Goku, Granolah, and Vegeta join hands and defeat Gas, so everyone is relieved that he is no more a threat to our beloved heroes. However, Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 87‘s spoilers suggest that a dangerous villain is about to return in his most powerful form.

Dragon Ball Super – Trailer (Official) • Now Streaming on Hulu

Dragon Ball Super – Trailer (Official) • Now Streaming on Hulu

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 teased Frieza as the strongest warrior

Chapter 87 of DBS, titled Greatest Warrior in the Universe, begins with Goku and Vegeta saying that they will train harder to improve their potential. Meanwhile, Granolah lies on the ground as he grows weaker due to the attacks he released on Gas. He further explains to Goku and Vegeta that to defeat a warrior like Gas, he received a power that decreased his lifespan immensely.

Monaito steps in front to heal Granolah, and as he starts doing the healing process, he learns that his abilities have improved by healing Granolah multiple times in the past. He also realizes that he can now heal others completely, so he uses his power on everyone and heals them to their full extent.

On the other side, Elec wants to flee from the planet as his plans failed, and he can’t handle the failure. Goku asks him if he won’t be taking his siblings with him. Hearing this, Elec said that he would be fleeing alone. Suddenly, Monaito is hit by a beam out of nowhere. Everyone was shocked to see an older Gas trying to make a comeback. However, everyone is stunned to see him growing old.

Granolah goes toward Monaito to help him while Goku and Vegeta transform into their powerful forms and run toward Gas. However, the duo gets injured this time when Gas uses telekinesis and attacks them. Granolah couldn’t do anything to save Monaito, so out of helplessness, he started crying. Before giving up, Monaito explains that his life had already ended several years before. He also revealed that he was only living to raise Granolah.

When everyone was trying to prove themselves, Frieza showed up and killed Gas in the most brutal fashion. It’s probably the most brutal scene in the entire Dragon Ball series. Everyone was stunned seeing how he killed Gas with such ease. After that, he transforms into his black Frieza form while Vegeta and Goku take on their forms. However, they were brought to their knees with Frieza’s one punch. Frieza reveals that he trained for ten years in another universe, so it makes sense why Gas didn’t surpass Frieza when he made a wish to become the most powerful warrior in the “universe.” Frieza then leaves the planet by saying that he won’t be fighting the duo this time.

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