The new Apple TV series has taken viewers by storm and is praised for its expert writing. We discuss the possibility of Echo 3’s season 2 renewal, explain the finale, and confirm how many episodes there are to watch.

Echo 3 was filmed entirely on location to recreate its Columbian setting, as well as being filmed in both English and Spanish.

Created by Mark Boal, Echo 3 is based on the award-winning Israeli series, When Heroes Fly, by Omri Givon, and inspired by Amir Gutfreund’s novel following US Army Delta Force operators, Bambi and Prince, who must save their relative from militants, starring Michiel Huisman, Luke Evans, and Jessica Ann Collins.

Echo 3 season 2 has not been renewed yet

While fans of the first season wait patiently to hear if Echo 3 has been renewed for season 2 by Apple TV, we can consider a few factors that will influence its return.

Firstly, Echo 3 has not been billed as a miniseries or limited series, meaning there is every intention for the show to continue.

Season 2 raked in average to positive reviews throughout and sits with a 63% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The show’s ratings may be enough for the platform to order another season, but we’ll likely have to wait a few months to hear anything.

Lastly, the season 1 ending of Echo 3 was a satisfactory conclusion for most fans, dealing out its share of “intense” action, as shared by a fan on Twitter, and offering an ending that could stand on its own without any follow-up.

Echo 3 finale explained

*Spoilers ahead*

After securing a boat to flee the country, Mitch meets up with Prince, Amber, and Bambi, who alerts them that there is a nationwide hunt on their tails.

The trio makes it to safety on an island where they wait to be rescued and Amber reveals that recent events have changed her and she refuses to make amends with Prince in favor of a fresh start.

Elsewhere, Violetta pins down the president to ask if he ordered the attack, to which he points out her lack of proof.

Luke Evans sitting holding a gun in Echo 3
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How many episodes are in Echo 3?

Echo 3 has 10 episodes on offer within its debut season on Apple TV+, with each installment lasting between 42–61 minutes in length.

Below, we have included a brief episode guide to facilitate your rewatch:

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Echo 3 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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