A new Evangelion PUBG Mobile collaboration is on the way, but what date will the new game mode event start and end for players worldwide?

Collaborations between video game franchises and iconic anime titles are nothing rare these days thanks to Call of Duty and Fortnite; however, they can still be an excellent way to encourage players back into games they may have otherwise become bored with.

Today, May 13th, PUBG Mobile announced an upcoming collaboration with the iconic Evangelion franchise, which is set to include a brand-new game mode and the opportunity to be part of the long-running war yourself.

So, when does the PUBG Mobile x Evangelion event start and what should players know before hopping into the new anime-themed Battle Royale?

When is the Evangelion PUBG Mobile collab starting?

The new Evangelion PUBG Mobile experience game mode “Core Circle” will start on May 19th, 2022, and will run through until June 19th, 2022.

Per a press release from the team, players will start in a small Blue Zone at the beginning of each match where they will “witness the 6th Angel’s appearance on Spawn Island firing a powerful laser.”

Finding the spawn point of EVA-01 on the mini-map won’t be a big challenge for players, but trying to survive whilst the Angel continues on its path of destruction will certainly test the very best veterans of the OG BR.

“To defend the island, fortresses will open fire on the Angel until it unleashes its force back on them. Players can rummage in the chaos to seize better supplies after the fortresses have been destroyed and change the structure of the fortress walls to adapt to their own combat plans.” – PUBG Mobile, via Press Release.

However, there will be some new additions to the “Core Circle” game mode, with “more supply crates are littered throughout the battlefield, including ones that contain more valuable resources below ground level. Plus there will be a limited-time Respawn period near the beginning of the match where fallen teammates can return to the fold and still retain their weapons.”

“Starting from May 14th to June 19th, players will be able to grab a number of new exclusive EVANGELION collaboration items, from the iconic character plugsuits to themed armour and parachutes to backpacks. A special buddy will also be landing in the game for players to partner with.” – PUBG Mobile, via Press Release.

Head of PUBG Mobile publishing at Tencent Games Vincent Wang noted that this is one of the title’s biggest collaborations so far because of the history and notoriety of the anime series.

“EVANGELION is one of the most famous and recognisable anime series of all time, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring its unique action, and futuristic world to PUBG MOBILE. The ‘Core Circle’ game mode continues our commitment to give players unforgettable experiences based on universally acclaimed and culturally significant partners, enriching the PUBG MOBILE experience for both current and new players.” – PUBG Mobile, via Press Release.

However, players should note that whilst the press release did claim that the collaboration was coming to both the Erangel and Livik maps, the information regarding the “Core Circle” game mode only made mention of Erangal.

The Mobile BR game is available to download via Google Play and the App Store, as well as through the games’ website.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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