The long-awaited trailer for Family Guy season 22 has finally dropped, and it looks like pregnant Meg is set to be a key storyline in the show’s upcoming installment.

It’s safe to say that Meg Griffin does not have the easiest ride on Family Guy. Constantly overlooked by her family and peers and seldom spared from being the butt of the show’s cruelest jokes, it feels like there is a constant raincloud hanging over the pink beanie-donning head of the high school senior. But, judging by the looks of the season 22 preview, the animation gods may have finally decided to shine some light on Family Guy’s most ill-treated character.

Is Meg pregnant in Family Guy?

Though it is not a sentence we ever thought we’d have to type, the answer is yes – Meg does appear to be pregnant in season 22 of Family Guy.

Having announced to her family at the beginning of the teaser that she would be carrying a baby, Meg can be seen lying on a hospital bed, while Dr. Hartman analyzes her contractions.

The trailer proceeds to show Meg’s brother, Chris, making rather creepy comments about his sister’s breast milk equipment, though, in classic Family Guy style, Lois appears unperturbed when her daughter appeals to her in an attempt to get her brother to stop being weird.

The news of Meg’s pregnancy does not mean that Peter and Lois are about to be grandparents, however, as Meg is acting as a surrogate for a pair of fellow Quahoggians.

Who is Meg a surrogate for?

“Mom, Dad,” opened a rather confident-looking Meg as she strutted through the front door of the Griffin household in the opening of the season 22 preview, “I’m having Bruce and Jeffrey’s baby!” the teenager declared.

Though little context is given to how this arrangement came about, Bruce and Jeffrey are a local gay couple, so it can be assumed that Meg has, for whatever reason, agreed to carry their child for them.

Meg Griffin lies in a hospital, overlooked by Bruce and Jeffrey and Doctor Hartman.
Via @FamilyGuyonFOX, Twitter

For anyone who can’t recall the two side characters Meg is surrogating for, Bruce, formally known as Bruce the Performance Artist, is a camp re-occurring side character who speaks with a southern twang, and you may know him for his signature catchline, “Oh no!”.

Jeffrey is Bruce’s husband and is not as instantly recognizable, as he only ever makes the occasional appearance on screen alongside Bruce.

What else do we know about Family Guy season 22?

Clocking in at just over five minutes long, the Family Guy season 22 preview was actually pretty telling about what we can expect this Autumn.

Alongside Meg’s pregnancy, you can expect to see Peter and his dense gang of companions attempt to give the Pawtucket Ale enthusiast the ability to fly using a homemade contraption, a run-in with an angry shark featuring Peter and Lois, as well as a lighthearted parody of a Hollywood superstar.

According to Fox, viewers will also be able to watch “Stewie and Brian help each other get over their mutual fear of showers” and “compete for sales against Bruce at the flea market.” Yep, that makes as much sense to us as it does to you…

It was initially feared that season 22 may be disrupted due to Seth MacFarlane being a part of the ongoing WGA strikes, though it appears the premiere will go ahead as planned on Fox on Sunday, October 1, 2023.

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