Craig McCracken’s The Powerpuff Girls was initially created for Cartoon Network, which was produced by the animation studio Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc and it seems fan are just as excited for this reboot!

The show’s story revolved around three superpowered Kindergarten girls and their creator, scientist Utonium. Every 90s kid grew up seeing the show, and now, as the news of an animated reboot started surfacing all over the internet, Twitter is flooded with fan reactions.

It’s incredible to see the original creator of The Powerpuff Girls working on the show’s Reboot. This is not the only Reboot he is working on, as he’s working on the Reboot of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends simultaneously. Hence, apart from Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, we will be meeting a new cast of Foster’s project.

What do we know about Craig Mccracken’s The Powerpuff Girls reboot?

The Powerpuff Girls reboot is the second animated redo in the franchise. The original one premiered from 1998-2005 on Cartoon Network. Later, the first redo of the show was announced in 2014 and premiered from 2016-2019. However, it didn’t see the involvement of McCracken, so it wasn’t received well by the community. Fortunately, the upcoming redo will see the original creator’s work, so we can expect the forthcoming Reboot to be more successful than the first one.

In an interview, the President of Cartoon Network, Sam Register, stated:

“The Hanna-Barbera homecoming of Craig was an opportunity we could not pass up.”

Furthermore, the Reboot will expand the story of the original show, and fans will get to see some of the legacy characters. We already know that superpowered girls and scientist Utonium will be the show’s primary characters. However, another character that one shouldn’t forget about is Mojo Jojo, the show’s main antagonist.

Twitter reacts to the Powerpuff Girls Reboot news

Fans worldwide can’t wait to meet Craig McCracken’s The Powerpuff Girls and their confrontation with the legendary villains. Let’s check out the excited Twitter reactions of fans knowing that Craig McCracken will be taking the reins.

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