Wild theories about Stranger Things have been floating online ever since the show’s release in 2016. However, one of the most mind-boggling conspiracy theories about the show suggests that it is based on an alleged real-life experiment called “The Montauk Project.”

Stranger Things season 5 is still a year away from its release, but the show still remains one of the most talked about topics in pop culture. There are several online theories about what could potentially happen in season 5. However, one of the wildest ones claims that Stranger Things is based on a true story. Many fans are discussing the conspiracy theory that suggests the Netflix show’s story stems from “The Montauk Project.”

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What is the Montauk Project?

The Montauk Project is a popular conspiracy theory that suggests the government allegedly did experiments on children. It claims that the US government ran a program after the end of WWII to study mind control and time travel, as well as psychological warfare.

The project allegedly took place at Camp Hero on Long Island. At this location, US authorities allegedly conducted biological weapon research during the Cold War period. The conspiracy theory became popular in the 1990s after a man named Preston Nichols came out with his book entitled The Montauk Project. One of his wild claims was that he worked the ‘Montauk Chair,’ a piece of furniture that allegedly used electromagnetics to stimulate psychic powers.

Another one of Nichols’s wild claims was that the child victims of the experiment were waterboarded. He also claimed the kids were subject to gruesome sexual and physical abuse.

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Fans think Stranger Things is based on the ‘Montauk Project’

One of the most popular fan theories about the Netflix TV show suggests that it draws inspiration from “The Montauk Project.” Although the alleged real-life experiment on children claims remain dodgy, fans cannot help but point to the similarity between the age-old conspiracy theory and the show. This theory has been in the picture ever since Stranger Things’ early days.

In Stranger Things, Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) and the other kids are subjected to abuse and experiment. This mirrors the claims made about the “The Montauk Project.”

Nichols’s claims of a chair mirror what we see happen with Eleven in the show. She put on the experimental chai multiple times to use her mind’s abilities.

Moreover, there’s a mind-boggling fact, Stranger Things was initially named Montauk. The Long Island Press notes that the show was initially named after the sleepy fishing village on Long Island’s easternmost part.

However, the show’s creators have never talked about whether or not Stranger Things is connected to “The Montauk Project” anyway.

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