It’s been four years since Game of Thrones ended but fans of the show still remember and revisit its arguably best season ever – season 4.

All Game of Thrones fans know that the show stands very high on the re-watch ability scale. Although the last two seasons of the HBO show, (mainly season 8) were a huge letdown for a majority of its fandom, its earlier seasons hold a special place in fans’ hearts. Namely season 4 is a big favorite for many. The season featured some of the show’s most emotional, dramatic as well as horrifying scenes. Who can forget Tyrion Lannister’s trial or Oberyn Martell’s traumatizing death? For many reasons, the show’s fourth season which aired in 2014, almost ten years ago, is arguably its best one ever. We dive into a few in this article.

Seven reasons why Game of Thrones season 4 is its best one

Many thrilling subplots

One of the major sells of GOT season 4 is its many subplots. The season has about eight major subplots which follow Arya and the Hound, Daenerys, and her allies, Stannis Baratheon, Brienne of Tarth, King’s Landing, Jon Snow, Sansa, and the Whitewalkers.

YouTuber Supercuts Delight points out how the many plots brought variety to the audiences. While some plots had more action in them like Jon Snow’s plot at The Night’s Watch, others had more political drama like the one in King’s Landing.

The YouTube creator correctly notes, the show “feels like a well-oiled machine in terms of pacing” because of the many plots.

Less build-up and more conflict right from the start

Because the characters are already set up in the first three seasons, GOT season 4 is able to jump right into the action. This made the season more engaging from the get-go. Joffrey Baratheon is murdered in episode 2 of the season, shocking the viewers. As a result, Tyrion is quickly thrown under the bus and stands accused of the King’s murder. We also meet the Dornish hunk Oberyn Martell in the season’s first episode, leaving all viewers intrigued.

Joffrey’s death creates a turning point at the beginning of the season. The conflict just keeps building from that point.

Joffrey’s Murder mystery

After Joffrey’s death, a murder mystery begins in the show which mirrors the one in season 1. The show took a turn in season 1 when Ned Stark attempts to solve Jon Arryn’s murder mystery. However, the one in season 4 is without a doubt, the better one among the two.

Supercuts Delights points out in his video with with Joffrey’s death the show regains its “aura of mystery.”

Tyrion Lannister’s trial

Possibly one of the most dramatically satisfying scenes in the entire show is Tyrion Lannister’s trial. Tyrion’s father Tywin presides over the trial. Tyrion pours his heart out to his father and the entire court about the injustices he has faced since birth because of being a dwarf.

When Shae comes out and spews lies to prove he is Joffrey’s murderer, Tyrion loses it and delivers one of the show’s most satisfying lines ever.

“I did not kill Joffrey, but I wish that I had. Watching your vicious b*stard die gave me more relief than 1,000 lying wh*res,” he screams. His demand of a “trial by combat” throws the plot into a whirlwind ultimately leading to Oberyn’s gruesome death.

Tywin Lannister lighting up our screens as a villain

Tywin Lannister’s character shone through in the show’s fourth season. Although the character had been around for the previous seasons, he captivated the audience in season 4. The show makes it very clear from the start that Tywin is a villain but it is still very difficult for the audiences to hate him.

Unlike the other villains, Tywin has many shades to him. On one hand, he is a father who has been enormously unjust to his dwarf son Tyrion. However, on the other hand, he trying to secure his family’s position and wishes his elder son Jamie Lannister to take responsibility for leading and propagating their house.

He is possibly the most intimidating character in the entire GOT show after the Night King.

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