The first episode was a ‘pinch yourself to see if this is real’ moment, the second installment is here to provide confirmation—Futurama is back, baby.

Ever since Meanwhile concluded season 10 in 2013, fans have hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t forever be the end of Matt Groening’s animated sci-fi sitcom. There were still so many possible avenues to explore in Futurama, and so many characters to return to.

(L to R) Maurice LaMarche as Kif holding hands with Lauren Tom as Amy wearing pink tracksuit in Futurama
Futurama episode 1102 cr. Disney+ media player

A decade went by, but we wait no more. Hulu rolled out a reboot series in July 2023, with weekly episodes also reaching Disney+ audiences in the UK.

The Impossible Stream was a terrific meta reintroduction with great callbacks to the past, and season 11 episode 2 also follows up on a memorable season 4 storyline involving Kif and Amy.

Speaking of Amy, we get to see her parents, Leo and Inez Wong. The couple owns Mars’ entire western hemisphere and a number of running gags have always made them a great addition to an episode.

In Children of a Lesser Bog, they’re ready to see Amy fulfill their demands to become grandparents. However, you may notice something different about Mr Wong… the voice has changed. The character was originally portrayed by Billy West in all previous seasons, and the Futurama voice actor veteran has also voiced Fry, the Professor, Zoidberg, and others.

Now, on the other hand, Mr Wong is voiced by Feodor Chin.

The 48-year-old LA-based actor is no stranger to the voice-acting profession and is known for having brought a number of established characters to the screen over the years, whether on TV or in video games.

He’s perhaps best known for voicing Zenyatta (English version) in the 2016 online multiplayer game Overwatch, with other video game work including Diablo IV (numerous), Godfall (Zenun Earthminder), Ghost Of Tsushima (Harunobu Adachi), and Wasteland 3 (Marshal Darius Kwon).

As for TV, you may recognize him from Black Knight (Grandpa), Isekai Ojisan (Ojisan), Big Mouth (Park Yoon-gab), The Silent Sea (Kim Hee-sun), Marvel’s Hit-Monkey (Police Captain), and Sweet Home (Seung-Wan).

Feodor is expected to reprise the role of Amy’s father from here on out.

While some prefer Billy’s take on the character, Feodor’s work on Futurama has earned praise from some fans all the same.

“Just finished the second episode of Futurama,” one fan began tweeting, “and I thought it was even better than episode 1. Sounds like West isn’t voicing Leo Wong anymore, which makes sense, but it caught me off guard!”

Another viewer similarly argued that “The new episode of Futurama was better than the first one, and it was neat to hear Feodor as Leo Wong (taking over the role from Billy West).”

Futurama is now streaming on Hulu.

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