If you never anticipated to be talking about new Futurama episodes again, you’re not alone. After Matt Groening’s beloved animated sci-fi was canceled yet again in 2013, it really looked like that would be it.

Alas, Hulu worked its magic and resurrected Futurama for the fans earlier this year, with Disney+ bringing it to international audiences. So far, each installment has been heavy on nostalgia with plenty to discuss, but recently there’s been some fixation on the Futurama ‘Find the Hidden Story’ subtitle…

(L to R) Lauren Tom as Amy Wong, Phil LaMarr as Hermes, John DiMaggio as Bender, Billy West as Zoidberg, Katey Sagal as Leela all standing in an open doorway in Futurama
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Futurama ‘Find the Hidden Story’ subtitle

Every episode of Futurama begins with the usual credits sequence, but what is different every time is the caption/subtitle that appears below the title after the Planet Express ship flies off.

The series’ pilot subtitle was ‘In Color’ whereas the second was ‘In Hypno-Vision’, etc.

In season 11 episode 4—Parasites Regained—the subtitle reads ‘Find the Hidden Story!’ Of course, this has led to some audiences attempting to decipher what the hidden story within the episode may be.

“I guess it was a hint to the mites who were hidden within the worms?” one fan theorized on Twitter.

“I think that may be involved,” one fan began responding to the above. “But they’re smarter than that. The mites are a direct nod to the things that are supposed to be making us smarter (technology), and making us stupider (social media), but the circle of life bit > ‘kill THAT one’ is definitely part of it. Gotta rewatch.”

Clearly, audiences have already begun to offer their takes on what the hidden story could potentially be.

There’s likely no ‘Hidden Story’ at all

The opening subtitles of Futurama episodes aren’t necessarily meant to be taken seriously, and they’ve always been rather tongue-in-cheek.

Adding ‘Find the Hidden Story’ is likely intended to be nothing more than a cheeky wink to audiences, who have grown particularly obsessed with finding hidden meanings and messages in popular culture.

We’re talking about a show that has used the following captions in the past: ‘Based on a True Story’, ‘A Stern Warning of Things to Come’, ‘Deciphered From Crop Circles’, ‘Controlling You through a Chip in Your butt since 1999’, and ‘Penetrates even the Thickest Foil Hat.’

In other words, don’t take it too seriously folks! Or should you…

Futurama season 11 is now streaming on Hulu (US) and Disney+ (UK).

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