Inside reports claim that popular actor and comedian Kevin Eldon has been cast as a Dwarf called Narvi, a key character in The Rings of Power season 2.

The Rings of Power continues to sneak its way back into the headlines with each new production update from its second season, with a new report claiming that popular actor and comedian Kevin Eldon will join the team as a key Dwarf figure in season 2.

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Actor and comedian Kevin Eldon reportedly cast as Dwarf Narvi

English actor and comedian Kevin Eldon was confirmed to have joined The Rings of Power cast back in December 2022; however, which character he would be playing was kept secret.

Recently, the Fellowship of Fans confirmed via inside sources that Eldon will feature in season 2 of The Rings of Power, expected to release in 2024, as a Dwarf called Narvi.

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s original works in The Lord of the Rings, Narvi was a dwarf of Khazad-dum and worked under Durin as an architect, blacksmith and stonemason. He was best-known for helping to make the Doors of Durin i.e., the stone gate that the Fellowship of the Ring enters the Mines of Moria through in the first of Jackson’s original The Lord of the Rings movies.

Moreover, Narvi also had a close relationship with Rings of Power forgemaster Celebrimbor, who was actually the one who wrote on the Doors of Durin ‘Speak Friend And Enter’ in Elvish, and who made his famous bow, Azkar.

As noted in the Fellowship of Fans podcast episode in which this scoop was revealed, Eldon’s is expected to bring the humor to Khazad-dum in what had been a more serious venture in season 1 than many fans may have expected:

“I feel like the dwarves were written very well [in The Rings of Power season 1], it [comedic moments] was timed properly and [the Dwarf storylines] didn’t seem overly comedic. To [now] have Kevin Eldon come in with his great comedic background, I think that through the use of comedy, because we already have a more serious story with Durin, that maybe they’ll use more of his comedic chops for season 2 to give you a contrast from the seriousness of the other Dwarven storyline.”

Kevin Eldon made his professional debut in 1992s Packing Them In and was a regular star of the British comedy circuit with notable features in Fist of Fun (1995), The Sunday Show (1995), Brass Eye (1997), The Morning with Richard Not Judy (1998), and Jam (2000).

Arguably his best-known dramatic roles have been as York in Hyperdrive (2006), Sergeant Fisher in Hot Fuzz (2007), Bishop Erkenwald in The Last Kingdom (2018), and Rollie in Cavendish (2019).

Game of Thrones fans may recognize Eldon as Camello, the stage actor who played Ned Stark in Izembaro’s parody retelling of The Bloody Hand in season 6. In Game of Thrones, this play was watched by Arya in Braavos and she was horrified at the crude and dim-witted manner in which Camello portrayed her deceased father – she might not have enjoyed the performance by Eldon, but fans certainly did.

The 63-year-old has also appeared in titles such as Skins (2008), Dead Set (2008), Robin Hood (2009), Merlin (2009), The IT Crowd (2010), Four Lions (2010), Hugo (2011), The Kennedys (2015), and Danger Mouse (2015).

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Eldon is a fantastic addition to The Rings of Power, fans can look forward to him making his series’ debut in season 2, which is expected to premiere in 2024.

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