A Game of Thrones theory suggesting that Sandor Clegane aka the Hound might still be alive has come to light recently.

It’s been four years since Game of Thrones ended. The show which was once dubbed the greatest television show ever at one point, left a majority of hits fandom disappointed with its ending. At one point GOT was also one of the most pirated shows ever. Fans were disappointed at how many of the lead characters’ storylines ended, Sandor Clegane aka The Hound’s climax plot thoroughly impressed many. Fans got the witness the much-anticipated Cleganebowl in the final episodes. However, a newly surfaced theory about the HBO show suggests that the Hound could very well still be alive.

The Hound could still be alive – theory suggests

While the end of GOT shows that Sandor aka the Hound dies in the CleganeBowl, some fans think that there is evidence in George RR Martin’s books that Sandor could still be alive and in hiding.

The last time we hear of him in A Song of Ice and Fire, Sandor was seriously injured after fighting his evil brother. But some book readers believe that he could be alive and cosplaying as a character named the Gravekeeper. The theory suggests that the Hound could be living as the grave keeper in the monastery on the Quiet Isle.

A Wiki of Ice and Fire’s website notes that the gravedigger at the Quiet Isle monastery is a large man who wears a scarf that covers his face. Furthermore, The gravedigger also has a healing injury that resembles the one that Sandor suffered at the inn at the crossroads. Another supposed clue that makes fans think the Hound is still around is the presence of his horse Stranger (now named Driftwood) on the Quiet Isle.

Moreover, some readers also think that Ser Davos Seaworth saw the Hound aboard a ship named the Prayer.

The Hound killed his evil big brother in the ‘CleganeBowl’

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane and his evil older brother Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, finally face off each other in a climactic duel in season 8. Many fans know their bloody fight as the CleganeBowl.

The two brothers smash each other in a beautiful sequence in the GOT finale. They fight amid collapsing towers. The scene was too hard to watch for many fans. The Hound says pretty much his first lines to the Mountain in the scene. “Hello big brother,” he utters as a scared Cersei and Qyburn stand behind the Mountian.

The Mountain goes rogue and kills Qyburn. As Cersei leaves the scene, the historic CleganeBowl begins. We get to see the Mountain’s terrifying face. In the end, the Mountain squishes the Hound’s eyes but the latter manages to take his evil brother down with him. He stabs the Mountain right in the eye.

As the Mountain is busy pulling the knife out of his eye, the Hound jumps on him and they both end up falling down the collapsing tower.

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