In order to promote WB Games Montreal’s upcoming action RPG Gotham Knights, a series of murals have been created in Montreal.

We take a look at the stunning project in detail and see what DC fans are saying about the eye-catching artwork.

Developed by WB Games Montreal and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Gotham Knights is set after Batman’s death when a group of supporting heroes, Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl, unite to protect Gotham in the Dark Knight’s honor.

Gotham Knights | Official Story Trailer

Gotham Knights | Official Story Trailer

WB Games Montreal and LNDMARK Present Gotham Knights Murals

WB Games Montreal revealed its latest collaboration with marketing agency LNDMARK to deliver a series of murals featuring the characters of Gotham Knights.

The murals were created to be a part of Montreal’s Mural Festival, however, they will be on display for one year until June 2023.

Four artists were brought in to design and bring to life one mural each and we have highlighted below where you can find all of the murals for yourself.

Where are the Murals Located?

Luckily, all the murals are within walking distance of each other, all located within Montreal.

Nightwing’s mural, designed by Jonathan Bergeron, is located at the intersection of Cartier and Marie-Anne.

The Red Hood mural by MORT can be found projected on the side of a building at Saint-Urbain and Villeneuve.

Kevin Ledo’s Robin mural is located at the Plateau intersection of Roy and Saint-Denis.

Lastly, Batgirl’s mural by Lacey and Layla can be found very close to the WB Games’ Montreal studio at de la Visitation and La Fontaine.

Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing stand on a rooftop in Gotham Knights
Gotham Knights World Premiere Trailer – Cr. DC, YouTube

DC Fans React to the Creations

Many DC fans have already spotted their favorite characters while out walking and they posted their reactions on social media.

The fandom thinks the murals look “sick” and the decision to green light this project has only made gamers more excited for Gotham Knights’ release.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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