Despite some criticism of the show’s plot, the revival series stands as a grand success for Netflix and we confirm if Wednesday Season 2 has been canceled by the streaming platform.

In addition to being a solid resurgence for the iconic gothic family, Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday’s dance has become a popular TikTok trend, set to Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary.

Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar for Netflix, the American comedy horror Wednesday is a series based on the character of Wednesday Addams from the iconic Addams Family franchise, created by cartoonist Charles Addams.

Is Wednesday Season 2 Cancelled?

No, Wednesday Season 2 has not been canceled despite rumors circling around on Twitter.

The series has not been renewed for Season 2 either, however, it is important to note that Netflix has not officially canceled the show yet.

Due to its popularity, the series is expected to continue into Season 2, as it is free from any miniseries billing, and showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar shared the themes they’re exploring for Season 2 with The Hollywood Reporter:

“We wanna sort of explore and sort of complicate all of those relationships going forward. The school was closed when they left, which gave us the most possibilities for season two, and I think that’s something that we’re excited to explore. For us, the show also is really about this female friendship, with Wednesday and Enid really being at the center of that. The fact that they really connected with audiences, it has been really gratifying. So, we’re excited to explore now that Wednesday’s dipped her toe into the friendship pool, what’s that gonna look like? It’s like, she hugged. That was her big arc for the season, right? So it’s like now, we do that. Then, the other thing that’s really interesting is to continue to explore the Wednesday-Morticia mother-daughter relationship as well, which now that Morticia knows about the power, it has given her sort of an idea of how that’s going to go. How is their relationship going to evolve?”

Wednesday standing in front of a stained glass window in Wednesday
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Twitter Responds to Wednesday’s Sapphic Backlash

Rumors regarding Season 2’s cancellation began on the back of Gough and Millar’s support of the notion that Wednesday could enter into a romantic relationship with her friend, Enid.

In the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners had the following to say about the prospect:

“As Al said, this idea of sisterhood is key to the show. We’re not gonna discount anything, and, obviously, sometimes characters reveal themselves, which is the fun thing we love about television, that it’s an organic journey. We have a roadmap, and we’d like to have routes along that map that take you in unexpected directions. So, we’re open to everything. We wanna explore that friendship in every way, but we’re not gonna be, this is where you sometimes get misdirected by fans and things like that, so it’s just being really open to see how those characters develop and that friendship. As Al said, that friendship is key to our sort of vision of the show.”

In response to this comment, fans on Twitter are claiming Netflix has a penchant to prematurely cancel projects that feature sapphic content, which has provoked rumors of Season 2 being canceled after the showrunners’ comments.

How Many Episodes are in Wednesday?

Wednesday has eight episodes within its Season 1 run, with each installment lasting between 46–57 minutes.

Netflix aired all eight of Wednesday’s episodes at the same time, allowing you to binge the series in one go.

Below, we have provided an episode guide complete with titles:

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams using a typewriter in episode 101 of Wednesday
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By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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