AI has been a huge talking point in the modern world, with programmes like ChatGPT pushing the conversation forward.

While the future of artificial intelligence is unclear, and what its practical implementations will look like, some people have started to have a lot of fun with it.

One stellar example of this is the AI Seinfeld that has been running on Twitch for the past week. However, users who were looking to log in recently have found the account to be banned.

Here’s exactly the reason why AI Seinfeld was banned from Twitch and how long that ban is likely to be for.

What is AI Seinfeld?

AI Seinfeld is being broadcast on and is a 24-hour live stream of the hit sitcom Seinfeld, with all scenes being completely generated by artificial intelligence.

The live stream has become incredibly popular on the internet with thousands of people tuning in to see what madcap conversations would happen between the show’s cast.

Why Was AI Seinfeld Banned from Twitch?

AI Seinfeld’s Twitch ban is the perfect example of why AI software is still a long way from being considered complete.

While the usual AI show depicted characters going about their usual daily lives partaking in some absurdly nonsensical conversations, a recent clip saw it go off the rails.

In one of Larry’s stand-up comedy scenes, the character is seen to go off on both an awful transphobic and homophobic rant, directly breaking the streaming platform’s Hateful Conduct guidelines.

Thankfully, during the routine, Larry realises that nobody is laughing at what he’s saying so moves on.

Larry’s supposed comedy routine breaks multiple sections of these guidelines including making “negative statements related to mental health” and more importantly, “expressions questioning a group’s worth”.

These actions usually come with a two-week ban.

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