In DC comics’ latest issue, they have dropped the strange news that The Joker is now pregnant but how did the Clown Prince of Crime end up with a baby in the first place?

Just when we thought 2023 might start to become a little more normal, whatever that is, DC comics has decided to throw all caution to the wind and opt for a really weird start to the year because sure, why not!

The Joker’s evolution has been seen through years of complex character changes but in the fourth issue of Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine Di Giandomenico’s The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing, fans of the franchise have gotten more than they bargained for as now the Jester of Genocide has ended up pregnant.

Wondering how that actually happened? You’re not alone – let’s explain it.

How did The Joker get pregnant?

In probably one of DC comics’ strangest yet hilarious twists of recent times, the smiley dude himself, The Joker, is up the duff aka pregnant. The backstory in this bizarre event comes as The Joker and his gang are stealing water from Gotham River and in true crime-fighting action, Zatanna, a street and stage magician, shows up in a bid to stop him. After throwing The Joker into a muddy pile, he tells Zatanna, in true Joker style, what a lovely family they’d make together. With this, Zatanna enchants a backward spell on The Joker that was initially intended to stop anyone from having his baby.

Of course, things just get weird now as The Joker wakes up the next morning nine months pregnant with a bulging belly. The evil genius and medical professional Doctor Phosphorous performs an examination on him and low and behold, he delivers a mud baby straight out of The Joker’s mouth – as you do.

The little mud-child then quickly transforms into a mini Joker and yes, it’s as strange as it sounds. I’m pretty sure Zatanna won’t be as thrilled as The Joker is though.

Twitter reacts to The Joker being pregnant

Naturally, in true Twitter style, there are many opinions about this wacky DC comics twist. Although personally, I think it’s hilarious and a really fun turn of events for The Joker, some just couldn’t get their heads around it while others loved the idea.

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