Hunter X Hunter manga is coming back with Chapter 391, and here’s everything you should know about the upcoming chapter.

Warning: Potential Spoilers for Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 ahead

The iconic manga Hunter X Hunter is a series known for its unique plot and intense action sequences. That’s one of the reasons, despite the frequent breaks, the fan following of manga kept on following it.

After a break of four years, the upcoming chapter will be serialized in the Shonen Jump Magazine 2022, and we will get to see the return of all the characters involved in the Succession Contest arc, including Kurapika and Leorio.

When does Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 come out?

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 will officially release on Monday, October 24, in Japan, but in most regions, the chapter will come out on Sunday, October 23, 2022, due to the time differences. Here’s a time schedule that will help you find out what release date will be followed by your time zone:

You can read the chapter on Viz Media, Manga Plus, or Shonen Jump Magazine’s official website.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Spoilers

The Xi-Yu family gets divided into two groups. Zakuro and Lynch go in search of Hisoka while Hinrigh is intrigued to find out more about Heil-Ly’s beautiful girl. Zakuro has an extraordinary power: each drop of his blood has eyes, and they can move on their own for 30 to 40 minutes. Hinrigh is desperate for the girl, so he checks the camera of all the passengers until he finds the phone that has captured her walking through Passage #64.

After that, Hinrigh pays for the phone to the passenger and transforms it into a cat so that it can show him the way. However, three guys from Heil-Ly follow Hinrigh, and one of them, named Padoille, turns himself into a weapon. He attacks Hinrigh from behind, but he disables the attack using his handcuffs that he had already turned into surveillance pigeons. Hinrigh did not have to make efforts to kill the attacker. Seeing Padoille’s condition, his allies run away and await Morena’s instructions.

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