One Piece Chapter 1064, titled ‘Egghead Lab Phase,’ will come out within some time, and here, we discuss the chapter’s release schedule along with the spoilers.

Warning: Potential spoilers from One Piece Chapter 1064 ahead

The craze for the One Piece manga among fans has never faded since the beginning. It is one of the largest running manga to date that features the exciting and challenging adventures of our beloved Monkey D. Luffy. Even though anime shows like Spy X Family, Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock, and My Hero Academia Season 6 have been released this fall, One Piece can compete with these in terms of readership.

When does the 1064th chapter of One Piece release?

One Piece Chapter 1064 will officially release on Sunday, October 23, 2022, and below is the time schedule that you need to follow:

One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers

The chapter starts by showing Law and Blackbeard’s fight. When Law uses his Amputate ability, Blackbeard is able to counter it. Pudding is a hostage on the ship, and while Law and Blackbeard fight, her third eye opens, and she confirms that Big Mom is no more. Akaine learns about the fight on Winners Island. Doc Q uses apple bombs to attack, but one of the members of Law’s crew, named Shachi, stops the attack.

On Egghead Island, Bonney transforms the age of the four members of the group; Bonney and Jinbe turn into children while Luffy and Chopper grow older. Bonney also tells how Kuma was sent to prison back then and continues talking about Kuma’s powers.

When Ussop’s group arrives at Egghead island, Lilith informs them to change their clothes, so the entire crew wears futuristic clothes. However, Sanji wears Hawaiian clothes similar to Jinbe.

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