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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401 Delayed as the Manga goes on an Infinite Hiatus

On December 21, 2022, we learned that Hunter X Hunter is not coming with Chapter 401 soon as the manga is going on a hiatus. Besides that, until the manga concludes, the chapters will get released in a non-weekly format, as confirmed by the Editorial team of Shonen Jump magazine. The editorial team also revealed that the release dates would be mentioned in the magazine whenever the chapters will be ready to publish. The reason behind such a shocking revelation is Mangaka’s poor health condition.

After going on a long hiatus for four years, the manga returned in October 2022, and now once again, it is going on a hiatus without confirming the release schedule of the upcoming chapter.

Hunter X Hunter’s latest delay leaves fans worried

Hunter X Hunter fans are used to seeing the manga going on hiatus due to mangaka’s health issues. The manga began its serialization in 1998, and until 2006, the chapters were getting released as per the schedule, but after that, Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi got some severe health issues. Well, keeping his health as a priority, the author kept on announcing multiple breaks.

The manga fans are already habitual of seeing their beloved manga series going on hiatus. For instance, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece keeps on taking short breaks after giving a number of chapters in continuity. However, whenever the news regarding Hunter X Hunter‘s hiatus comes out, fans worry because the manga’s hiatus record isn’t good at all. Last time, when the manga went on a break in 2019, it returned in October 2022. Similarly, the hiatus is now confirmed, but we are still determining whether the manga will return anytime soon.

A brief recap of the previous chapter of the manga

Feitan, Phinks, and Nobunaga eagerly try to find the hideout. With the transmitter’s help, they learned it was somewhere near them, maybe between 200-400 meters. Feitan says it might be in Tier 2 or Tier 4, so they decide to split and look for it. Phinks then states that by reaching a certain point, they might get to know where it is. So, Feitan asks him to use his En, but Phinks does not want to use it in a crowded place because it won’t give an exact answer.

When they were heading toward the destination, Nobunaga suggested looking for additional people who could help them because they didn’t know anything about the powers of the Heil-Ly family.

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