One Piece Chapter 1071 won’t get released this week, and here, we talk about the new release date for the chapter of the beloved manga series.

The delay is nothing shocking for One Piece fans, as the manga keeps going on hiatus every now and then after giving us a couple of chapters. However, this hiatus is because of the New Year and Christmas holidays in Japan. Eiichiro Oda might have thought it would be good to come up with a new chapter in 2023, as this year has almost ended.

Well, as the upcoming chapter will not show up this week on Viz and manga Plus, we may get to see some spoilers by the upcoming weekend or the beginning of next week. But here, you can find out when the chapter will get an official release.

ONE PIECE FILM: GOLD | Official Re-release Trailer

ONE PIECE FILM: GOLD | Official Re-release Trailer

When does One Piece Chapter 1071 release?

Viz Media and Manga Plus will release One Piece Chapter 1071 on Friday, January 6, 2023, but the release date will be Saturday, January 7, 2023, for fans in Japan. Due to the time difference, the release time of the chapter will vary, so we have listed the schedule that you can follow:

Luffy attacks Lucci using Gomu Gomu no Dawn Whip in Chapter 1070

Sentomaru gets injured by Lucci’s attack, and Luffy apologizes to him for not being able to help. However, Sentomaru blames himself for not being able to stop Lucci’s attack. After that, Luffy uses his move, Gomu Gomu no Dawn Whip, to attack Lucci.

Jinbe informs Luffy that the only way to save Atlas is to find the real Vegapunk. However, the move Luffy used on Lucci took him in the opposite direction from the crew. On the other hand, the Lobophase group can’t stop discussing the devil fruits. Vegapunk explains the significance of each devil fruit. The CPO wants to control Seraphim, and finally, they succeed in doing that. Lastly, out of nowhere, Kizaru reaches Egghead Island with a number of ships.

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