Jordan Peele‘s Hunters is back on again for its second season as the gang team up together once more. We explore the Amazon Prime series’ release date and time so you don’t have to.

The Amazon conspiracy drama television series, Hunters, regroup again for its season 2 premiere. The show focuses on a gang of justice seekers who track and hunt down high-ranking escaped Nazi officials in 1977 New York.

Jordan Peele, known for the highly acclaimed movies Nope and Get Out, among many others, takes the reins as an executive producer in Hunters season 2 so viewers will be in for plenty of strange and compelling scenes.

Thankfully Hunters fans will be glad to know that season 2 is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at the show’s release date as well as release time on Amazon Prime.

Hunters Season 2 release date and time

Maybe unlucky for some but for Hunters, it’s the perfect date. Season 2 will air on Prime Friday, 13th, January 2023. To make things even better, the streaming service will release all eight episodes at the same time so you can binge your Friday night away in peace.

As for the release time for Hunters season 2, viewers can expect Amazon Prime to air the show at 12 a.m. EST. For the west coast of America and the UK, that will work out as 9 pm PT and Saturday at 5 a.m. GMT.

Hunters Season 2 episode guide

As we know, all eight episodes of Hunters will drop at once on Amazon Prime but if you fancy a sneak peek at what each episode will be called before it airs, take a look at the list below.

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