It is pretty heartbreaking to see beloved and prominent characters dying in any TV show. One such character in the ongoing anime series Chainsaw Man was Himeno. Despite being a side character, she won millions of hearts. Especially after seeing her in the previous episodes, it’s not easy for fans to bid her goodbye.

Himeno was first introduced in the fourth episode of Chainsaw Man, but she did not get significant screen time until the Eternity Devil arc. She has made a contract with the Ghost devil in exchange for her one eye due to which she always wears an eye patch on that eye. Like Aki, Denji and Power, she was also employed by Makima for her special squad of devil hunters.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Does Himeno Die in Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

Yes, Himeno dies in the latest episode of Chainsaw Man and unfortunately, the community won’t be able to see her return in the series. When the group of devil hunters was having lunch, they came across a man who criticized them for having junk food. Later, he showed Denji a picture of an old man and asked him to recognize him, but Denji could not.

Soon, the man takes out a pistol from his pocket and shoots Denji directly in his head. Besides him, Himeno also gets shot in her chest. Seeing the situation, Aki summoned the fox devil, who ate the man at once. However, the man turned into Katana Man and came out of the Fox devil’s mouth. Aki and the sword devil/Katana Man get into a battle and seeing the devil’s quick moves, Aki gets scared. As he gets stabbed by Katana Man’s sword, Himeno makes a deal with the ghost devil to sacrifice her life in return for its full power. She does that because she couldn’t see Aki dying in front of her eyes.

As the ghost devil agreed to her deal, she started becoming invisible and, in the end, only her clothes were left. Seeing her gone, Aki gets traumatized for a while. To be precise, Himeno sacrificed herself to save the one she loved.

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