Makima is one of the most prominent characters in Chainsaw Man, and episode 8 of the series shows her dying during a train journey when some men shoot her. So, is she really dead?

Warning- Spoilers from Chainsaw Man episode 8 ahead

Denji is after the Gun Devil because he wants Makima to fulfill his wish as she has promised. He even gets a chance with Himeno but denies thinking of Makima. While Denji enjoys his meal with his colleagues in a restaurant, Makima meets her dark fate.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Does Makima die in Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

No, Makima does not die in Chainsaw Man despite getting brutally shot with a bullet at the back of her head. The Chainsaw Man episode 8 adapts Chapters 22, 23, 24, and 25 from the manga series. Well, the original manga shows that in Chapter 26, Makima returns, shocking the assassins. So, we can expect her to make a comeback in the next episode of the anime series.

It’s not even shocking to see her returning to life because she is one of the strongest characters the Chainsaw Man manga has given us. Besides this, she is the Control Devil, who is not only feared by the humans, but the devils and the fiends are also afraid of her.

As a devil, she possesses enhanced physical and mental strength. Her hand-to-hand combating skills also make her dangerous for her opponents. The manga also reveals that Makima has died several times until she dies for the last time. Even that time, she gets reincarnated with a new name Nayuta.

What happened to Makima in Chainsaw Man Episode 8?

Makima gets shot by some assassins while she is mid-way to Kyoto, where she is going to see some devil hunters. She talks to her associate and asks him to buy food for her, but the associate reminds her of the lunch meeting at 1. However, Makima tells him to get her the food. She also says she would ensure she has enough space for another meal.

After that, when the train enters the tunnel, a few assassins in the compartment shoot Makima and her associate. We see Makima lying dead on the seat with blood stains on her entire body.

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