Chainsaw Man episode 8 brings a new threat for Denji in the form of Katana Man. If you are interested to know more about the Sword devil, you will find it here.

The latest episode of the anime series was the most incredible episode due to the outstanding animation. Moreover, it shows that the main protagonist Denji is head over heels in love with Makima. On the other hand, the eye-patched woman Himeno has feelings for Aki and she kind of hates Makima as she thinks Aki likes her.

In Chainsaw Man, Denji fights several robust devils, and each of them is dangerous in its own way; still, no one could put Aki down as he is one of the devil hunters with fantastic fighting abilities. However, the newly introduced hybrid devil Katana Man brought the brave and skilled devil hunter to his knees within a few minutes.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Who is Katana Man, aka the Sword Devil in Chainsaw Man?

Katana Man is the grandson of the debt collector for whom Denji used to work in the past. The debt collector betrayed Denji with the Zombie devil, so after turning into Chainsaw Man, he killed every zombie present there along with the debt collector. Since then, Katana Man has looked forward to stealing Denji’s heart, and for this, he gave his heart to the Katana Devil, which made him a human-hybrid devil like Denji.

Several swords emerge from his arms and face when he gets into his hybrid form. That’s why Katana Man is also known as the Sword Devil in Chainsaw Man. The sword lets him cut the hardest things in one go. For instance, he could cut the devil hunters’ solid uniforms. Moreover, in his hybrid form, he can compete with Denji and Aki in regard to fast running speed. He also becomes resistant to any injury if he falls from a building.

Katana Man is very cruel, and he wants to get to Denji and steal his heart after making him apologize for what he did to his grandfather. Even though he gave his heart to the devil, he thinks of himself as a complete human being.

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