Makima seems to be an interesting character since she appeared in the premiere episode of Chainsaw Man. However, seeing the character in the second episode of the anime makes fans wonder if she really is as evil as she seems.

Warning: Spoilers for Chainsaw Man anime ahead

Makima entered when Chainsaw Man, aka Denji, killed the Zombie devil’s army. She sensed that Denji was neither a human nor a devil. So, she made a deal with him that if he teamed up with her in devil hunting, he would be rewarded with good clothes and food; if he refused, he would die as a devil.

In the beginning, Makima appeared to be decent and kind-hearted, but with time, her characteristics confused everyone about whether she is good or evil.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Is Makima evil?

Yes, Makima has an evil trait in Chainsaw Man manga. No matter how pleasant she appears, she is a cunning woman who manipulates and uses people for her own good. She doesn’t think twice before harming someone; she does what she likes. For instance, in the latest episode, while she was in the car with Denji, she says that she doesn’t want to hear no from anyone.

In the manga, after killing Aki, she reveals her true self to Denji. The latter slowly realizes that Makima wants everyone to obey her, and whosoever disobeys her gets killed. She likes to look down on everyone except Chainsaw Devil, whom she adores, in a selfish manner, of course. She wants to take Chainsaw Devil under her control so that she can become more powerful using his powers.

Besides this, she also wants to live with Pochita and lead a peaceful life as she always has been lonely and wants to experience what being with family feels like.

Is Makima a devil in Chainsaw Man?

In the manga, Chapter 75 reveals that Makima is the Contol devil, one of the most potent devils featured in the world of Chainsaw Man. She is impossible to kill as she is immortal; whenever a foe attacks her and she gets injured, she gets healed quickly.

Makima, aka Control Devil, also has psychic powers that allow her to kill the enemy by looking at them or crushing them with her mind. Moreover, some of her additional powers include manipulation and teleportation.

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