Power was introduced to us in the second episode of Chainsaw Man, and after seeing her appearance, fans are intrigued to know what kind of devil she is.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 shows Makima pairing Denji with Power and asking them to hunt devils without failure. She also says that they both will be working under the special squad, an experimental unit, and if they try to run off from work, they will both be killed as devils. Denji initially looked disappointed, but seeing a girl as a teammate, he agreed.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

What type of devil is Power?

Power is a Blood Fiend who joins Makima’s special squad of devil hunters as she wants to settle the debts of a devil who has kidnapped her beloved pet cat. For the unacquainted, a fiend is a person whose body has been taken over by a devil.

Talking about her appearance, in her human form, Power has blonde-pink-toned hair with two red horns at the top of her head; her eyeballs are yellow and feature a red-cross pattern. Her horn grows big whenever she gathers too much blood, and she can also create extra horns out of his head.

In her Blood Devil form, her body grows, her head gets pointed, and four arms sprouts from her body. Moreover, her chest opens up, and all her intestines become visible.

The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man has yet to reveal the powers and abilities of the character. As per the manga, Power has the ability of enhanced speed, which can be increased when she consumes the blood of a strong devil. She can also smell the blood of a devil from a distance, and her blood manipulation abilities help her create weapons out of her own blood. Besides this, she can also transfer her blood to anyone and save their lives.

Who voiced Power in Chainsaw Man anime?

Power is voiced by Fairouz Ai in the Japanese version of the anime. The Japanese voice actress is recognized for her work in How Heavy Are The Dembles You Life?, Kandagawa Jet Girls, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, and more.

The English dubbed version sees Sarah Wiedenheft as the voice artist for Chainsaw Man‘s Power. Sarah is recognized for her voice in Love Live! Sunshine!!, Teasing Master Takagi-san, Dr. Stone, and more.

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