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Is She-Hulk Played By Two Different Actors?

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law**

She-Hulk’s debut in the MCU has sadly come to an end this week, but the show’s finale has promised a lot regarding Hulk’s narrative in the future of the MCU. We’re here to answer if She-Hulk is played by two different actors in the series.

Episode 9, titled Whose Show Is This?, saw Jen return to Emil Blonsky’s retreat after her outburst at the Gala cost her her job, apartment, and reputation. Just as the finale was in full swing, revealing the identity of Hulk King, Jen interrupted her own show to rewrite the ending to her satisfaction. 

Created by Jessica Gao for Disney+ and based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law follows Jennifer Walters’ transformation into the green superhero, starring Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, Jameela Jamil, Tim Roth, and more.

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Is She-Hulk Played By Two Different Actors?

No, Jennifer Walters and her alter-ego She-Hulk are both played by the same actor: Tatiana Maslany.

Despite Jen’s physical appearance changing quite drastically, including her face, when the character transforms into She-Hulk, Maslany is still playing She-Hulk with the help of VFX technology.

Motion capture is used to turn Maslany into She-Hulk in post-production and the innovative technology is now the go-to machinery used to bring digital characters to life – present in Avatar and the Planet of the Apes franchise.

Maslany Felt “Empowered” By the VFX Technology

During an interview with Decider, Maslany was asked if she was afraid to incorporate Jen’s subtle facial expressions into She-Hulk’s performance:

“The thought of, “Oh, they’re gonna take [this part of my performance] away and build it into the character” was like, “I wonder how it’ll turn out.” But so early we got to see these amazing renderings that the VFX people had done, and the subtlety was — I felt so empowered by the subtlety of it. It was a simple moment where I could see that [She-Hulk] was breathing and that she was thinking, and I was like, “Oh, great. They’re capturing everything. There’s no moment that they’re not seeing and that they’re not expressing.” So it really allowed for me to just to just be [subtle].”

In a separate interview with Variety, showrunner Jessica Gao talked about the insanely high price tag attached to a digital main character:

“Once we got into pre-production and production itself, once somebody had to sit down and start figuring out the cost of everything, it was like every week, I was told, “Can you cut more She-Hulk scenes? Can you change more She-Hulk scenes to Jen? Can she be Jen in more scenes?” There were a lot of things that then had to be changed at the last minute to go from She-Hulk to Jen. Even in post, you know, we had to cut a lot of shots by virtue just because it was She-Hulk.”

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Cr. Marvel Studios, Disney Plus.

What’s Next for She-Hulk?

Going by two separate teases in She-Hulk’s finale, it’s fair to say fans can expect a second season on the horizon.

Once Jen went behind the scenes of her own show as She-Hulk, she walked into the writers’ room while they were discussing Season 2 plot ideas.

Later on in the finale, Jen told bot K.E.V.I.N. that she had “thoughts about Season 2’s direction”.

In the immediate future, it’s likely Jen will turn up in an ensemble piece before she goes out on her own again. Possibly in Ant-Man: Quantumania to continue the Intelligencia thread with M.O.D.O.K. or maybe not until Daredevil: Born Again in 2024.

Furthermore, there is also a rumor that Maslany’s She-Hulk will be a part of Captain America: New World Order, after the movie’s villain The Leader was teased in a She-Hulk episode.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Cr. Marvel Studios, Disney Plus.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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