Wednesday Addams is portrayed by Jenna Ortega in Netflix‘s new supernatural series Wednesday. After seeing the teenage version of Wednesday for the first time, fans wonder if she is a witch or a raven. Besides this, several other questions arise, such as does Wednesday possess powers and does the entire Addams family has powers. Well, in this article, we have tried answering all these questions.

The Supernatural comedy-drama series has arrived on Netflix and coming from Tim Burton, it has successfully delivered the content without failing. We were introduced to Addams family and a set of new characters. However, amongst all the characters, Wednesday is the spooky one who isn’t afraid of anything. Moreover, she enjoys it when people dislike her.

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is Wednesday Addams a witch or a raven? Powers and abilities explored

In the Netflix series Wednesday, Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s mother, calls her a raven. She also reveals that being a raven, Wednesday is more powerful than her, and the visions she gets are more dangerous. Besides this, Ravens are the all-black birds that symbolize awful news; for instance, in some traditions, ravens are also called the deities of evil. Hence, Wednesday’s psychic visions always show her the dark things that have happened or are about to happen. That’s the reason she is the Raven of the Addams family.

The first episode sees Wednesday rescuing her brother locked in the school’s locker, and when she touches him, she gets a vision that helps her find out the boys who have bullied her brother.

When she goes to Nevermore Academy, she meets Principal Weems, who used to be her mother’s roommate when they were students in Nevermore. She warns Wednesday that she knows how dangerous the visions can be, so she needs to be careful. She could say this confidently because she had stayed with Morticia when she started getting the glimpses.

Furthermore, in Episode 5, Wednesday Addams says that she is unaware of why she keeps getting the glimpses, and she has no control over these. Moreover, the series also sees Morticia saying that when the family members get good at taking charge of their powers, someone from their ancestors shows up to guide them. Well, in the case of Wednesday, Goody Addams, a deceased ancestor, shows up.

Possessing psychic powers is not the only thing that makes Wednesday powerful. She has more strength compared to the boys of any age group. Moreover, along with physical strength, she also holds an incredibly intelligent.

Does Addams family have powers?

Adams family is one of the weirdest fictional families ever created. All the family members come with different paranormal abilities. Wednesday’s father, Gomez, can do complicated calculations in his head within seconds, and whenever he takes out his cigar from his pocket, it lights automatically. Her mother, Morticia, has the power to release smoke from her body, and she also has psychic abilities similar to Wednesday. Apart from this, she is good at lighting candles using her fingers.

Besides them, Wednesday’s grandmother can make liquid potions on a broom, and Uncle Fester can generate electricity. The youngest member of the family, i.e., Wednesday’s little brother Pugsley, can use his teeth to hang on the branches of the tree.

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