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Jordan Peele's 2014 Tweet Appears to Predict Nope's Chimp Scene

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for Nope**

Jordan Peele has become one of the most interesting directors to watch in modern cinema, with his themes and mind-bending ideas shaking up the formula of past tropes.

When it comes to his recent release, Nope, fans were stunned to learn that Peele shared a dream he had on Twitter eight years ago that eerily describes a scene in his movie.

Written and directed by Jordan Peele, Nope stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun in a science-fiction horror following remote town residents who witness strange happenings in the sky linked to extraterrestrials.

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NOPE | Official Trailer

NOPE | Official Trailer

Jordan Peele Dreamt of Nope 8 Years Ago

Back in 2014, Peele shared a dream he had on Twitter with his followers that clearly disturbed the director.

Peele’s dream involved a baby chimp attacking people before running up to him and hugging him instead of using violence.

The director shared that he woke up with “tears streaming down my face” and fans believe the director had a premonition about Nope.

Nope’s Monkey Scene

The reason why Peele’s dream tweet is eye-widening for fans is that his dream sounds very similar to the monkey scene in Nope.

During a flashback, young Jupe (Jacob Kim) witnesses a chimpanzee going berzerk on the set of the television show Gordy’s Home, when it suddenly decides to brutally attack the cast.

Jupe hides under a table while the incident plays out and the chimp eventually comes over to Jupe and offers him a fist bump instead of attacking him.

Nope – Cr. Universal Pictures/YouTube

Fans React to the Director’s Premonition

Many fans were shocked to see Peele had essentially predicted his own movie, but other moviegoers believe that his dream may have inspired the scene in Nope.

Another account commented that everyone should write down their dreams because you never know what the story will lead to.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Nope is now in theaters worldwide

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