Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221 spoilers are out on Twitter, and it has something that will make the day for the manga’s fans. So stay with us and read this article till the end.

Previously, we saw Kenjaku threatening Kogane to add some new rules in the Culling Game. He also says he wants to end the game desperately, but he doesn’t want to end the game forcefully. So, he made Kogane add a rule that says the game will only end when every existing player of the game dies except Megumi and Geto.

Besides that, seeing Hana alive in the last chapter, fans thought they would soon see Gojo in the manga. And fortunately, spoilers for the next chapter suggest that Fans’ intuitions were correct.

The spoilers for Chapter 221 shows Gojo getting unsealed

The upcoming chapter is titled ‘Gain & Loss,’ and it starts showing Takaba and Yuji waiting to see Gojo after so long. Before unsealing him, Hana confirms with both of them if they want him to get unsealed in the building. Takaba says that they should prepare a little for his comeback. After all, he will be returning from the Prison Realm after a long period of time, so he should be made to feel special by decorating the place with some decorative items like origami.

Angel says that time doesn’t pass in the Prison Realm’s pocket dimension as it does in reality. So, they don’t have any idea of Gojo’s situation. For instance, as he was sealed in the box for 19 days, so there are chances that he felt the time like a moment, or it may have felt like 100 years. Hence, Angel shows concern for Gojo’s mental health as she believes that he may not be his true self after spending so much time in the pocket dimension. Shoko also says that if that were the case, he might cause harm to others. It’s funny to see how the sorcerers who can’t wait to see him are unboxing him as if he is the most dangerous being on the planet.

Jacob’s ladder is used to unseal Gojo, but when Yuji goes ahead, he doesn’t see anything inside, so he keeps calling out to Gojo. Hana says that her Cursed Technique might have made Gojo disappear in case he has turned evil. However, in the next panel, we see Gojo, who looks stunning as usual.

After his comeback, he gets involved in a fight with Kenjaku, who tries to frustrate him with his words. However, Kenjaku has provoked someone who is considered the strongest sorcerer in the organization; he starts getting sweat all over his body. Afterward, Gojo spots Megumi, who doesn’t seem familiar to him as Sukuna possesses him. As soon as the duo is about to get their hands on each other’s collars, they are interrupted by Kenjaku.

Note: The above spoilers cover the significant events of the next chapter; to read the rest of the chapter, you will have to wait for its official release.

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