Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 wrapped up with five episodes that were focused on the flashback. In it, viewers got to see a main character’s storyline which is a fan favorite to many, except the author himself.

On August 3, the fifth episode of season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen was released by MAPPA and it wrapped up the flashback storyline. Following this, the anime went on a small hiatus and is set to release on August 31. The new episodes will start off from where season 1 ended. While the first five episodes managed to do tremendously well, author Gege Akutami did not hesitate to comment a snide remark about a character he dislikes.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s author hates a main character

Akutami has been vocal about his dislike for Satoru Gojo. It is unclear why the author does not like him, but it has been quite evident that he never expected him to become one of the fan favorites.

Time and again Akutami has made snide remarks about Gojo. As per reports, the manga artist has made comments such as “Something Satoru Gojo doesn’t have…a personality,” “Now that Gojo is gone, it’s looking like 2020 is going to be a good year,” and many more.

Recently, Akutami referred to Gojo as a “mob character,” these are characters who do not have real importance in the manga and are just used to fill the background storyline. While fans may disagree with Akutami, it looks like the author is clear about who he doesn’t like.

Why do fans love Satoru Gojo?

One of the reasons why fans adore Gojo is his looks. That white hair and blue eyes are the ones that drive fans crazy and there is no doubt that the second season managed to capture it well.

To add to this, his cool, playful, and confident personality always stands out. Time and again Gojo is faced with difficulties, but he manages to overcome them all while maintaining a peaceful persona.

Not to forget, this behavior of his also allows him to go against the higher-ups and stand up for his students. Overall, fans have found many reasons to love this character even though Akutami hasn’t.

What chapter of manga does season 1 end on?

Season 1 of the anime concludes with chapter 63 in the manga and marks the end of the Death Painting arc.

Meanwhile, the first five episodes of season 2 cover chapter 65. The other episodes will cover the Shibuya Incident, which is the focus of Chapters 83-152 of the manga.

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