The continuation of the Silent Hill franchise in video games has been on every horror fan’s mind for a minute, with many showcases passing by without a whisper of a new game. That’s all about to change, however, as Konami has announced a special Silent Hill Transmission going out this week and we confirm the time you can stream it and where you can watch it.

With the franchise lying dormant for years, fans are desperate for new life to be resurrected within this hit narrative and many are at least hoping for a new game to be announced.

Silent Hill has developed into one of the leading horror franchises today, started by the release of the survival horror game under Konami by Keiichiro Toyama in 1999. The game received three sequels under developer Team Silent and the franchise soon became anthology media when a number of spin-off games and movies were released.

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What Time is the Silent Hill Transmission Streaming?

The Silent Hill Transmission is confirmed to be taking place on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, at 2 pm PT.

This stream time translates to the following times around the world where you are:

The length of the transmission has not been confirmed, but we are expecting it to last under 30 minutes.

Where to watch the Silent Hill Transmission

There’s only one place you will be able to watch the Silent Hill Transmission and that’s on Konami’s official website –

Usually, showcases are also covered on YouTube and Twitch channels by different media outlets, however, Konami’s website is the only confirmed place to watch the stream at the time of writing.

The website will require you to input your region and date of birth before viewing the stream, indicating there will be mature footage shown.

Fans Make Their Predictions

The first prediction fans are making is the announcement of a PS5 game to revive the Silent Hill franchise.

This rumor has been widespread and a revival has been confirmed to be in the works by the director of the Silent Hill movie Christophe Gans.

Other reports have said an age rating for the game Silent Hill: The Short Message has appeared in Korea, suggesting a game is definitely happening.

Popular Twitter account @AestheticGamer1 recently tweeted their expectations for the transmission, adding credence to the Short Message game being revealed in a teaser alongside marketing for another big game and other merchandise.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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