When will Kurulus Osman season 4 Bolum 126 release and what have the preview captions revealed about Osman Bey’s capture?

The Kurulus Osman series had tended to focus on the history-altering victories of its main character, the legendary Osman Bey.

However, this world TV phenom is going to have to fight back from a losing position this week if he is to survive the executioner’s axe – both in a literal and metaphorical sense.

Here is everything that fans need to know about Kurulus Osman TV season 4 bolum 126, including the international release date and time, as well as a breakdown of the preview trailer and captions.

Kurulus Osman S4 Bolum 126 release date and time

Kurulus Osman season 4 bolum 126 will premiere first for domestic viewers in Turkey at 8 PM local time on Wednesday, May 17.

The new episode will then be shared to the official Kurulus Osman YouTube channel and whilst a specific release time for the YouTube link has not been shared, last week’s episode was made available to watch from the following times:

The official tagline for the new episode is, “Tell everyone that Köprühisar is a property of Turks!”

The ATV network has shared a variety of promotional images for Kurulus Osman episode 126, with the following captions being featured:

“Osman Bey continues his conquest despite all the games played. He will make Köprühisar a Turkish homeland. How will Osman Bey follow a path to conquer Köprühisar?”

Meanwhile, Valens, the Tekfuru of Bursa, is determined to wipe all Turkish citizens off the face of the earth as he continues raiding many tribes in the local area – including the Karg?n tribe. The whole encampment is engulfed in flames, with Alchicek and the obans trapped inside the tent – how will they survive?

“Aktemur, who fights alone against Tekfur Valens, receives a heavy sword blow. What will be the fate of Aktemur and the Kargin obah? When Malhun Hatun learns about the raid on the Karg?n oba, she will immediately go to help. Will Malhun Hatun and the alps be able to reach Karg?n oba?”

Unfortunately, Osman Bey and Sultan Mesud are captured by Ismihan Sultan and are thrown into the dungeon. Instead of waiting for his execution, Osman Bey will not accept defeat and hatches a plan, what kind of escape route does he have in mind?

“Esrigün, the commander and spiritual daughter of Ghazan Khan, came to Konya. Welcomed by Bala Hatun, what is Esrigün’s connection with Osman Bey? Will Ismihan Sultan’s plans come true?”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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