It’s official. After two months of believing Henry Cavill would return as Superman in the DCEU, head James Gunn and the actor himself have now confirmed that he will not be returning. Despite feeling waves of sadness, the comic book community has already fan-casted Henry Cavill as Marvel hero Captain Britain and we get you up to speed with the character. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy director, alongside Peter Safran, were named leaders in taking the DCEU to new heights, and it seems like they’re doing a massive redesign.

Gunn has now confirmed he will be helming a Superman movie himself, featuring a younger version of the character. Gunn also confirmed on Twitter that it was not an origin story and he would be writing the script himself.

Henry Cavill is Not Returning as Superman

On December 14, 2022, Cavill made a post on Instagram regrettably informing his fans that he would no longer be returning to play Superman for DC, despite announcing back in October that he would reinstate the role.

Gunn amplified the announcement on Twitter, where he has been keeping fans updated with DC progress, announcing he and Safran already has a full slate of content mapped out.

Cavill also announced earlier in the year that he would not be returning to play Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher past Season 3, handing the reigns over to Liam Hemsworth, and many assumed this was due to his upcoming Superman revival being so demanding.

With Superman and Geralt now off the table, film buffs are wondering if he will take on the James Bond mantle, or perhaps a larger-than-life Marvel hero.

Fans React to Henry Cavill as Captain Britain

This isn’t the first time Cavill has been fan-cast as Captain Britain, a.k.a. Brian Braddock. Many have believed for some years that he would embody the British hero perfectly and now may be his time to shine.

Adam Azor shared his thoughts on Twitter, saying DC’s loss of Cavill could turn out to be Marvel’s gain, should the actor accept the role when it comes up.

Writer James Henry said “I can’t imagine finer casting for Captain Britain that an actor who looks like Superman but quietly paints Warhammer figures in his spare time.”

Lastly, others wanted Marvel to take in Cavill so he would finally get the appreciation he deserves and asked the studio to end the suffering of DC fans after a bout of poor management.

Who is Captain Britain and What are His Powers?

Captain Britain’s first appearance was in 1976, where he debuted in his own series created by Stan Lee and X-Men writer Chris Claremont.

The captain was created in order to appeal to British viewers, who had since endured an abundance of American-based heroes. 

Various characters took on the mantle in Marvel Comics, including the most renowned alter ego Brian Braddock, however, most variants were female.

Captain Britain received his magical powers through the Amulet of Right, given to him by the sorcerer Merlyn, and acquired superhuman strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, senses, and agility through it.

He also has the ability to fly by channeling energy, reaching up to 770 miles per hour, and carries expertise in physics and engineering. 

Lastly, Captain Britain’s abilities are fuelled by interdimensional energies circulating around the British islands, and he uses his suit as an antenna and battery to sustain that power.

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By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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