Masamune-kun season 2 announced after S3 April Fool’s Day teaser

Masamune-kun season 2 has just been revealed after a joke announcement for ‘season 3’ as April Fool’s Day prank went viral online.

Another April Fool’s Day, another day where millions of anime fans around the world get hoodwinked by fake news articles and false social media posts.

We have already seen the likes of Attack on Titan and Hunter x Hunter start trending on Twitter as fans rush to share “news” about upcoming seasons/projects.

Yet, the April Fool’s Day crown has to go to Masamume-kun’s Revenge, who not only pranked their entire community, but also had that prank pave way for a genuine announcement for season 2.  

Masamune-kun “announces” season 3

It’s April Fool’s Day and that means countless fans around the world try to trick other members of the community into thinking that a massive announcement has just been made.

However, Masamune-kun’s Revenge is taking the pranking to a whole new level, both teasing a third anime season and simultaneously making a joe at the irony of it all, as we don’t even have season 2 yet.

A special comic illustration panel was shared by the series, via Comic Natalie, which showed Yoshino Koiwai reaching for a sign that has “Season 3 production confirmed” written on it. Meanwhile, Aki Adagaki shouts back at Yoshino, “What are you doing?! Before you can announce season 3, you have to announce season 2! Take that down!”

“As an April Fool’s mischief, Yoshino skipped the second term and installed a sign to report the “third term production decision”. It is an illustration of Aihime who scolds Yoshino and Yoshino who reluctantly removes her signboard.” – masamune-tv.

Whilst the announcement was obviously joking at the April Fool’s Day fiasco that happens every single year on social media, it did hint that more news is to arrive shortly…and it was.

Masamune-kun season 2 finally confirmed

Only a matter of minutes ago, the series Japanese website and Twitter page confirmed that season 2 of Masamune-kun’s Revenge was in production.

Whilst a release window was not shared alongside the news, a brand new teaser trailer was posted on their associated YouTube channel, see below.

Hilariously, the sign in the April Fool’s Day illustration is shown to be hung on top of another notice; perhaps one that originally read ‘season 2’ before Yoshino got confused and replaced it with the joke sign. Interestingly, the series’ official Japanese website also hinted at this, ending their post by stating “In fact, behind the signboards and logos set up by Yoshino…?” They also added that we should “look forward to the follow-up report”, although there was no mention of when this could be released.

“When Yoshino removes the sign that reports “3rd production decision” from the April Fool’s illustration, a sign that says “Really! 2nd production decision !!” appears! It is an illustration that reports the second production decision again.” –

As noted in Comic Natalie, “The signboard in the illustration seems to be doubled” and that fans should “Stay tuned for more information on what’s hidden underneath.”

A second season of Masamune-kun’s Revenge has been expected for some time, with the 2017 series adapting only six of the nine original manga volumes by Hazuki Takeoka.

The anime also proved successful enough to merit a renewal for season 2. Despite having a surprisingly low score of just 6.75/10 on MyAnimeList, the show has more than 426,000 reviews, showing just how popular the series was with fans both domestically in Japan and internationally.

If fans want to keep up to date with all the latest goings-on from the Masamune-kun universe, you should follow the series’ official Twitter page.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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