My Hero Academia manga has recently blessed readers with Chapter 362’s spoilers. However, the spoilers have left the community heartbroken as it shows the tragic death of one of the most loved characters.

However, no one has foreseen the future, so the community prays for the leaks being fake. We can also assume that it may be Kohei Horikoshi’s plan to keep his readers anxious.

When will My Hero Academia Chapter 362 get published?

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 will get published on Monday, August 8, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. This means most time zones can expect the chapter on Sunday, August 7, 2022. Here’s the time schedule that you should follow to track the upcoming episode:

My Hero Academia Chapter 362: Spoilers

The online leaks of My Hero Academia Chapter 362, titled Light Fades to Rain, suggest:

Thinking about Tetsutetsu, Fat, Mirio, and Kirishima, Tamaki releases a fire blast calling it a Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon. The blast is said to be one of the most extensive techniques that the series have seen so far.

However, such a powerful technique is also not enough to kill Shigaraki.
Shigaraki mocks Tamaki by asking him whether he thinks such an attack can harm him. Later, seeing everyone lost, Bakugou stands up and starts running. No one, not even Shigaraki, can match his incredible supersonic speed. Bakugou’s pupils have a cluster explosion effect that allows him to release explosions from his body.

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

All Of One starts feeling unwell, but he doesn’t understand why. Suddenly, he starts thinking of the second OFA user. Bakugou finds himself surrounded by All Might’s spirit in the white space.

Bakugou suddenly realizes what’s happening, and before he can do anything, Miruko appears and releases a blow at him. Due to the attack, Bakogou goes unconscious, and his heart stops.

With a heavy heart, let’s await the chapter that releases in two days.

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