My Hero Academia enters the final war arc, and everyone is excited to see the fight between the main protagonist and the world’s horrifying villain in Chapter 368 of the manga.

Previously, in My Hero Academia, we saw Deku going crazy after seeing his friend Bakugo dead. However, that was AFO’s plan to hunt the green-haired hero as he knew that whenever Deku got mad over something earlier, he lost all his senses. Hence, AFO planned everything accordingly so that Deku couldn’t defend himself from any attack.

Despite All For One’s efforts, Deku was brought back to his normal self, thanks to Mirio, who informed him that Bakugo was alright. Now, it’s time to see the clash between Deku and AFO in the next chapter.

My Hero Academia | World Heroes Mission | Official Trailer

My Hero Academia | World Heroes Mission | Official Trailer

My Hero Academia Chapter 368: Release date and Time

Chapter 368 of My Hero Academia will officially release on Monday, October 3, 2022, in Japan at 12:00 AM on Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump Magazine Application. The majority of the International fans will get to read the manga on Sunday, October 2, 2022, due to the time differences. Here’s a timetable that the fans should follow:

My Hero Academia Chapter 368: Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 368 starts from where it was left in the previous chapter. At the end of Chapter 367, Deku asked AFO about Shigaraki. So, in the following chapter, AFO tells Deku that Shigaraki died when he took control of his body. However, Mirio and Nana Shimura notice that Shigaraki has not gone anywhere; he is still inside.

After telling everyone about Shigaraki, All For One releases his first attack on Deku, but that does not affect the hero. After that, using the black chain composed of the Black whip and Fa-Jin, Deku attacks AFO, which frees Shigaraki immediately.

Another OFA user informs Deku that he has only five minutes to win the fight because the world will be doomed after that. The OFA user also suggests that Deku must use the second user’s quirk to enhance his speed. After that, Deku also learns about the four stages of the quirk: Second, Third, Top, and Overdrive.

Deku releases all the first three stages at AFO at once, and just when he is about to smash his enemy with the fourth stage, Yoichi appears and stops him.

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