My Hero Academia chapter 371 will arrive soon, but Shoji’s past in the recent spoilers has fans getting emotional. Besides that, the community is also excited about the fight between Shoji and Spinner.

In the previous chapter, we saw a young mutant remembering their saddening past when humans were abusing the mutants and saying that society would never accept their kind. Later, Spinner is sent to the Central hospital to free AFO. The chapter also shows Shoji’s face when he attacks Spinner.

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Chapter 371 focusses mainly on Shoji and Spinner

Chapter 371 of My Hero Academia is titled ‘Together with Shoji-kun.’ All for One gives some quirks to Spinner, which confuses him. Even though no one knows what’s happening, Mutants still does not stop cheering for Spinner. On the other hand, Paranormal Liberation Front General motivates Spinner to finish the fight by defeating Shoji. However, Shoji warns Spinner that the attack can take them 30 years back.

Spinner gets aggressive, and then we see a flashback where AFO gives him the quirks and some other powers. The flashback also shows Spinner and Shigaraki’s bond when they used to play their favourite video game, League of Legends. After that, Spinner attacks Shoji and Koda panics, as he remembers when Shoji revealed his backstory in front of his friends.

Shoji belonged to a small village, and his parents did not have arms, so everyone around used to humiliate him. Some also used to call him octopus, but Shoji says that even though he has seen the worst days, he wants to focus on the good that has ever happened to him. Hearing this, his classmates hugged him and said they would never misbehave with him again.

My Hero Academia Chapter 371: Release date and Time

My Hero Academia chapter 371 will release on Sunday, October 30, 2022, on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Besides these, you can also get the chapter on the official website of Shonen Jump Magazine. You can follow the below time schedule to track the chapter:

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