One Piece chapter 1065 was supposed to release this weekend, but unfortunately, we won’t be getting a new chapter on Sunday, October 30, 2022. However, the new release date for the chapter is pretty close too, and you’ll get to read it in a couple of days.

In the previous chapter, we saw the fight between Law and Blackbeard at the very beginning. After that, we also saw Straw Hat Pirates and Lilith searching for Vegapunk. In the end, the crazy scientist was seen Talking to the revolutionary leader.

One Piece Odyssey | Summer Game Fest Trailer

One Piece Odyssey | Summer Game Fest Trailer

Well, here, we talk about when chapter 1065 of One Piece manga will make its way to Viz Media, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump’s official website.

One Piece Chapter 1065: Release Schedule

One Piece chapter 1065 will officially release on the platforms mentioned above on Sunday, November 6, 2022. Here’s the time schedule that will help you to track the release timings as per your time zones.

One Piece Chapter 1064: A Brief Recap

Law and Blackbeard are engaged in a one-to-one battle. While Blackbeard releases his Quake attack, Law uses his Room attack on the opponent. Akainu learns about the fight, and Doc Q’s apple bomb attacks are stopped by Shachi, a member of Law Crew pirates.

Luffy, Jinbe, and Chopper are approached by Bonney, who informs them about Kuma’s powers. After that, Lilith and Straw Hat Pirates arrive at the Island’s main building, where Vegapunk is talking to a dragon, revealing that he is about to die soon.

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