My Hero Academia Chapter 376 will release soon on Viz Media and Manga Plus. The much-awaited chapters’ release date and time have been discussed in this post, so if you are intrigued to know about it, read the entire article.

The leaks for the new chapter of the manga have started surfacing for fans, and it shows Himiko Toga fighting all the heroes on an Island. We also see her consuming a drug during the fight. The raw scans of MHA Chapter 376 also suggest that we would see the heroes all together at the same location in the chapter.

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

When Does My Hero Academia Chapter 376 Release?

My Hero Academia Chapter 376 will come out on the platforms mentioned above on Monday, December 19, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. International fans should track the episode, keeping in mind the time schedule given below:

The fire attacks of Dabi, Endeavor and Shoto create Chaos for the entire Japan in the previous chapter

A weather forecast reveals that a vast cloud has formed above Japan, and if it’s not stopped, it can also spread over North America. The cumulonimbus storm was caused by the fires released by Dabi, Endeavor, and Shoto. The weather forecaster also shows disrespect for All For One, whom she considers the reason for the chaos.

In Kamino, Burnin is shocked to see Dabi fight with his enhanced strength. Ingenium asks Shoto to get back as he thinks that Shoto’s ultimate move took all his power. Meanwhile, seeing everyone doing their best to fight, Shoto gets disheartened as he cannot contribute to the combat.

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