My Hero Academia Chapter 377 will release soon, and here, we have revealed the release schedule for the chapter.

The heroes are in a challenging situation as the tables have turned against them, and now the villains are more robust. Even though the heroes use every possible technique in their arsenal to defeat the enemies, they cannot help themselves in the chaotic situation. So, fans can’t wait to see what happens next. Will the heroes be able to defeat the villains, or will they get wholly annihilated?

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

When will My Hero Academia Chapter 377 get released?

My Hero Academia Chapter 377 will get released on Friday, January 6, 2022, at 7:00 PM on Manga Plus and Viz Media. The other regions can track the episodes following the below release timings:

MHA Chapter 376: A Brief Recap

Froppy and Uravity reach Gunga Mountain Ruins, where Himiko, Dabi, and Twice overwhelm the heroes using their special techniques. Pixie Bob buys some time for the heroes using the Earth Flow quirk. Kamui gives back up to Shemage as she cannot use her abilities. Meanwhile, Shishido warns everyone to move the ceased villains, or their allies will free them.

Seeing Dabi and Kurogiri, Froppy worries about Tentacole and Shoto. Later, when Jirou comes to Froppy, the first thing that Froppy notices is Jirou’s missing ear. However, Jiro isn’t sad about it because, according to her, that’s the only thing she has lost in the fight. Uravity says that if Himiko is not stopped soon, entire Japan will be demolished. On the other side, Tsukuyomi says that for the time being, they need to flee as Dabi’s flames can set them on fire.

When Endeavour tries to reach Shigaraki, he gets stopped by Hawks, who also mocks him by saying that this means he has lost the battle. To this, Endeavour says that he is talking nonsense. After that, Hawks say that they need to prioritize their goals, and here, they should put Dabi on priority. Hence, the next chapter will show us Endeavour vs. Dabi.

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