My Hero Academia concluded the spectacular Cour 1 of Season 6, which featured a total of 13 episodes. Now, everyone is wondering when Studio Bones will return with the second cour of the anime series. Well, fans would be delighted to learn that episode 14 of the latest season isn’t that far from its release. In this post, we’ll discuss everything about the upcoming episode’s release schedule.

In the first Cour of Season 6, My Hero Academia covered the Paranormal Liberation Arc from the popular manga series. The animation and fighting sequences in the first thirteen episodes did justice to the source material. It’s one of the most brutal and action-packed story arcs in the manga series, and the creators at Studio put every bit of their efforts into making the arc look spectacular in the anime.

My Hero Academia Season 6 | Dub Trailer | Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia Season 6 | Dub Trailer | Crunchyroll

When does Episode 14 of My Hero Academia Season 6 come out?

Episode 14 of My Hero Academia is scheduled to release worldwide on Saturday, January 7th, 2023. So, you’ll only have to wait one more week to watch the next episode. However, the anime will follow a simulcast release schedule, so the release time will vary depending on your region. Anyway, here’s the exact release schedule the episode will follow in different regions:

Where to watch My Hero Academia once it returns?

You can watch the upcoming episode (with the rest of the season) on Crunchyroll. However, the streaming platform isn’t available in every region. And if you’re one of the fans who can’t access Crunchyroll in their region, you can also stream My Hero Academia’s latest season on Netflix.

Apparently, Netflix also has the right to stream MHA in some selected regions, and it does get episodes soon after they are broadcasted in Japan.

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