Following a two-week hiatus, My Hero Academia is returning with Chapter 383 on Sunday, March 26, 2023. The early leaks of the chapter have started appearing on social media, and here, we have accumulated the same. So, you must read the entire article to know what the forthcoming chapter unveils.

My Hero Academia never fails to leave its prints on the reader’s heart with its storytelling. The action scenes and emotional aspects of the story are the major elements that make it one of the most demanded mangas of all time. With that, it’s not surprising at all to see it appearing on the bestsellers list of the New York Times several times. The manga successfully sold more than 85 Million copies in February 2023, and seeing its growth day by day; it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon.

Spoilers of My Hero Academia Chapter 383 revealed

The chapter, coming after a break of two weeks, is titled ‘A Small Heart,’ and it starts in Jaku, a few days after Dabi’s defeat. Even though the heroes are more powerful, things become unpleasant when several PLF members fall prey to Midnight’s killer. With the help of a high-frequency sound device, he tries to recreate AFO’s voice so that Gigantomachia wakes up hearing the voice.

Mt Lady doesn’t want to let that happen, so she, along with Class B’s Yui, creates a giant monkey wrench, but before she can do anything, Machia wakes up.

After that, the spoilers shift the focus toward Kirishima, who thinks to himself that Sinshou must come into the picture now, so he goes straightaway to call him. However, the villain from somewhere in the past tries to possess Sinshou’s body. He goes hiding when the battle starts, as he wants Machia to arrive, but while hiding, he ends up encountering Sinshou.

Kirishima tries to protect Shinsou but can’t do anything in front of the villain. Machia attacks Mt lady while looking around for his master. Midnight’s killer starts laughing, announcing Liberation Day.

Looking at the spoilers, it seems the forthcoming chapter will involve several action scenes, so without spoiling much for you, it’s safe to say let’s wait for the chapter’s arrival on Manga Plus and Viz Media this weekend.

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